A Tribute to the REAL Stars of Gods & Generals

"Gods and Generals", a Ron Maxwell film based on the book by Jeff Schaara stars such big Hollywood stars as Robert Duvall, Mira Sorvino, Jeff Daniels, Bruce Boxleitner, etc. While we certainly acknowledge the contributions of these actors, this photographic tribute is dedicated to the thousands of living historians who sacrificed their time and talent to make this movie a realty.


The Chameleons (or Joel and Jim's Excellent Adventure): Left: as Fire Zouaves; Center: 20th Maine; Right: Longstreet's Confederates.

Union attack on Henry Hill: "Okay, march up the hill; march down the hill, march up the hill...."

Jackson's troops arrive at Manassas: "Okay, off the train, back on the train, off the train..."


Fun With Props: Left: The Dead Pile; Right: "Hmmm, wonder what they're feeding us for lunch?" 

A stalwart Zouave captures a rebel battery.

Left: Colors of the 1st Minnesota; Right: The Dirt Daubers claim another victim.

Fredricksburg (aka Harpers Ferry): "I never knew ransacking was such hard work."

20th Maine awaits action in the streets of Fredericksburg.


Union wounded line the streets of Fredericksburg.

Oh yeah, these guys were there too....
Left: Col. Chamberlain (aka Jeff Daniels); Center: Gen. Longstreet (aka Bruce Boxleitner); Right: Gen. Hancock (aka Brian Mallon)

Marye's Heights: Confederates anxiously await Burnside's assault.

A pair of Johnny Rebs pose with Reenactor Coordinator Dana Heim

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