"Dr Alfred Hasbrouck's Record of Disabilities for Civil War Veterans, 1863 - 1866."


ATKINS, Alfred, age 23, 5 ft. 41/2 in. high, brown hair, light complexion, brown eyes
born in Poughkeepsie, NY, a confectioner, Residence: lives in Poughkeepsie. Enrolled May 9th 1861. Discharged Oct. 4th 1862 at Philadelphia. Rank: Corporal of Capt Montgomery's Co. C, 5th Regt. N.Y.S. Vols. Disability: Wounded at Gaines Hill June 27th 1862 by a musket ball through left wrist about two inches above the joint, entering
back of Ulna shattering the Radius and apparently  cutting off radial artery and nerve. Over two inches of radius gone forming false joint. Natural motions very limited, can grasp objects feebly between thumb and side of hand. Sensation much impaired  especially of  fore and middle fingers. Degree of Disability: Seven Eighths and
Duration.  Probably Permanent. Certificate Dated June 24,1862 .


ATKINS, Alfred, Capt. in Co. B, 98th Reg. N.Y.V. discharged in field (Army of James) Nov. 29, 1864 for disability resulting from pain in wrist resulting from gunshot wound received in former service. See No. 42 for preserving examination. No improvement – deformity increased. Disability – seven eighths, probably permanent, “For Restoration” “not ordered”. April 13, 1865.


BAILEY, Milton W., age 21, born in Livingston Co. N.Y., a farmer. Lives at East Rushford, Allegheny Co. N.Y. Private Co. I, 160th Regt. N.Y.Inf. Discharged at Baltimore May 14, 1865. Injured at Port Hudson La. June 14, 1863 by the gun of a comrade who was shot falling and striking him on left shin injuring the bone. Has always been sore, getting better and worse since injury and now presents a circular hole about the junction of upper & middle third of tibia about ¼ in in diam. Surrounded by a space of inflammation above and below. The probe reveals loss of substance and rough carious bone. Disability one half – duration uncertain. Examination ordered. November 30, 1865.


BAILEY, Milton W., Annual examination. An opening at the junction of upper and middle third of leg exposes a part of tibia necrosed, which from the inflammation of soft parts covering it appears to extend about three inches above and below the opening. Disability one-half. Exam not required, certificate returned. Mar. 9, 1866.


BANKS, George, age 18, Ht. 5 ft. 11 in., light complexion, gray eyes, farmer. Residence: resides at Pawling, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Rank: Private in Co. E, Capt. Michl. Walsh’s 44th Reg. N.Y. Vol. Discharge: discharged at N.Y. City Sept. 23, 1862. Disability: Gun shot wound – left arm, near shoulder. Degree: total disability. Duration: Permanent. The left arm has been amputated at the shoulder joint. Certificate granted Jan. 29, 1863.


BANKS, Hiram S., age 21, Ht. 5 ft. 11 in., dark complexion, black eyes, farmer, Private, Capt. Michl. Walsh’s Co. E, 44th New York Vol. Nature of disability: Consumption, Degree: Total disability, Duration: probably permanent. Residence: Pawling, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Certificate granted Jan. 29, 1863. Is pale and emaciated with cough and expectoration, hoarse voice, considerable dullness over middle and lower portions of right lung. Says that he has had repeated attacks of hemorrhage. Contracted Typhoid Fever a year ago, was down with it six weeks. Has been an invalid ever since, was never sick before.


BANKS, Hiram S., (biennial examination) 1st examination Jan. 29, 1863. General health rather improved. Still exhibits the rational and physical signs of phithisis – emaciation, cough, pulse 108, respiration 24, very hoarse, dullness on right side, bronchial respiration. Disability total. Certificate granted Feb. 16, 1864.


BARKER, Frederick L., Capt. Co. H, 5th Regt. Mich. Inf. Vols. Discharged at Jeffersonville Ind. July 5, 1865. Residence Grand Rapids, Mich. Wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness May 6, 1864 by a musket ball striking right shoulder passing through chest and coming out immediately in the rear through the shoulder blade. Right arm paralyzed and hangs useless by his side. Disability total – duration uncertain. Examination ordered. October 21, 1865.


BARKER, Frederick L., Sergt. In Co.I, 5th Mich. Vols. On rolls at Grand Rapids, Mich. @ $8 per mo. Geo. W. Allen, pension agent. Annual exam ordered. Disability continues total.


BARLOW, Albert R., age 20, Madison Co. N.Y. 5ft. 8in., light comp., gray eyes, brown hair, a printer. Corporal in Co. G, 157th N.Y.V. Discharged at Rochester June 12, 1865. Wounded by a musket ball through left elbow entering on dorsal aspect of forearm (when flexed) and coming out about 2 in above joint behind humerus. About 2 in. of ulna resected – gangrene in wound. Abscess in bend of elbow. Complete anchylosis of both radius & ulna to humerus at an angle of about 115 deg. Also radius anchylosed to ulna, hand weak and useless for manual labor. Disability total – duration permanent. Examination not ordered. January 12, 1866.


BARRY, James, private of Capt. Wm. A. McCoy’s Co. C, 1st Vet. Vol. Corps Cav. On pension roll N.Y. City @ $8 per mo. Annual examination ordered. Received a musket ball through left wrist which is completely anchylosed. Hand weak, sensitive to cold and painful on use. Disability three fourths. Sept. 13, 1865.


BARRY, James  Left wrist joint anchylosed, hand weak and sensitive to cold. Complains of pains in the course of the nerves. Disability three fourths. Annual examination ordered. March 29, 1866.


BOSWORTH, Charles C., age 31, born in Chenango Co. N.Y., a carpenter. Lives in Pleasant Valley. Private in Co. M, 2nd Regt. Conn. Heavy Art. Discharged at York, Penn. May 5, 1865. Wounded at Battle of Cedar Creek, Va. Oct. 19, 1864 by a rifle ball through right wrist entering in front of ulna 1 in. above joint and came out about the middle of outer side of head of radius. Motions of joint preserved but motions of thumb and fingers, both flexion and extension limited. Disability one half, duration uncertain. Examination ordered. October 28, 1865.


BOSWORTH, Charles C., Annual exam. Private in Co.H, 2nd Regt. Conn. Art. Motions of right hand, especially extension of thumb and fingers imperfect, wrist weak and liable to inflammation on violent exertion. Working on a farm – in harvest receives seventy five cents per day when other men received two dollars. Disability one half. On rolls at New York City.


BOTT, Jacob, age 48, German, a farmer. Enlisted Sept. 13, 1861. Resides Washington D.C. poor house. Discharged at Washington Jan. 7, 1863. Private in Co. F, 58th Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded at 2nd Bull Run July 31, 1862 by a buckshot over right trochanter, extracted. Slight callus at seat of injury, complains of pain on handling. Partial paralysis – thigh 2 ½ in. less in circumference than the other (result either of injury or want of use). Sensation and motion both seem affected. Disability three fourths – probably permanent. Examination ordered. April 18, 1866.


BOYD, James, private in Co. C, 91st N.Y. Infantry, 5’ 7”, age 40, Scotch, a weaver. Wounded near Port Hudson La. May 31, 1863 by a conical ball entering left side of perineum whilst stooping forward passing forwards through the groin, passing out at pubis and reentered abdomen, extracted. Complains of pain in the back, groin and testicle. Walking, stooping or lifting causes distress and swelling of testis, wears suspensory bandage. Exertion or excitement produces incontinence of urine. On pension rolls in N.Y. City @ $4 per mo. Biennial examination ordered. Disability continues one half. March 6, 1866.


BRIGHTHAUPT, John M., private in Co.K, 12th Reg. Mich. Vols. (St. Joseph, Mich.) on the pension roll at Detroit Mich @ $6 per mo. Musket ball through left chest wounding the lung. Lower part of thoracic cavity somewhat collapsed. Complains of shortness of breath and incapacity for prolonged muscular exertion. Biennial examination. Disability three fourths. November 3, 1865.


BROWN, Isaac (biennial examination), P.O. address Johnsville, E. Fishkill, D. Co. N.Y. Private Capt. E.D. Tompkins’ Co. B, 1st Reg. U.S. Art. Discharged 1844. On invalid pension roll N.Y. City - $4.00 per mo. In clearing way for surveyors running boundary line between Maine and Canada accidentally cut into the left knee joint with an axe. Result partial anchylosis with large deposition of bony matter on the inner aspect of the joint. Motion limited. Weakness and occasionally inflammation. Disability one half.


BROWN, Isaac Biennial examination. Disability continues one half – condition same as at last examination. Partial anchylosis with large deposition of bony matter on the inner aspect of joint. Motion limited – weakness and occasional inflammation. September 15, 1865.


BROWN, James F., Semian. Exam. 14th Regt. N.Y. Heacy Art. On rolls at Canandaiga @ $6 per mo. Wounds appear tolerably sound, but motions of foot considerably impaired and some lameness exists. Complains of pain after exercise. Disability remains two thirds. Sept. 19, 1866.


BROWN, Warren E., age 21, grey eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5ft. 10in., born in Washington Co. N.Y., a farmer. Corporal in Capt. Burgey’s Co. E, 22d N.Y.V. Enlisted May 7, 1861 for 2yrs. Discharged at Albany N.Y. June 19, 1863. Wounded 2d Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862 by a musket ball through left forearm entering on dorsal aspect about three inches above the wrist joint just at the inner edge of the ulna and coming out in front on radial side about one inch above point of entrance fracturing the radius. Fracture united with one inch of shortening in the radius. This approximates the attachments of the internal lateral ligament simulating dislocation of ulna, the wrist passing with a jerk forward and back over the point of ulna. Sensation perfect but very little power in hand, in fact nearly useless and does not improve. Disability three fourths, duration uncertain. June 21, 1864.


CAPON, Nathan B. Sergeant Co.D, 5th Regt. Mich. Vols on rolls at N.Y. City @ two thirds pension. Biennial examination. Musket ball struck left shoulder about middle of clavicle apparently chipping a piece from lower side and lodged in axilla from which it has since been extracted. Large depression at point of entrance so that finger can be introduced under the clavicle. Motions of limb retained but weak. Is debilitated, has never recovered from exhaustion consequent of protracted suppuration of wound. Disability continues two thirds. Sept. 28, 1865.


CASAMER, Theodore F., age 20, Mich., dark comp., brown eyes, dark hair, 5’ 9 ½”, a farmer. Private in Co.C, 10th Regt. Mich. Vet. Inf. Vols. Enrolled Sept. 14, 1861. Reenlisted Feb. 6, 1864. Discharged at Harper U.S.A. Genl. Hosp., Detroit, June 13, 1865. Wounded at Jonesboro Ga. Sept. 1, 1864 by a musket ball entering point of right shoulder passing horizontally inwards and coming out between the posterior superior angle of scapula and the spine. Complete anchylosis of shoulder joint, right arm confined to the side, except as it moves to a limited extent in connection with the scapula & clavicle. Muscles about the shoulder – deltoid, pectoral & c – atrophied. Large cicatrix on anterior & inner aspect of arm from gangrene. Disability total – permanent. Exam ordered. May 1, 1866.


CHASE, John L., age 42, Dutchess Co., dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair, a boot maker. Lives at New Hamburgh. Enlisted Dec. 16, 1863, Co. I, 3d Regt. N.Y. Cav. Vol. Discharged at Suffolk Va. July 12, 1865. Wounded Mar. 14, 1865 while on picket duty. Pistol ball through right side of neck entering over sterno-mastoid muscle about midway between angle of lower jaw and clavicle and coming out directly over the spine at the 5th cervical plescus of nerves. Right arm partially paralyzed – muscles flabby, arm smaller than left, temperature lower, hand somewhat aedematous. Another pistol shot entering walls of abdomen a little to the right of median line and a little nearer point of ensiform cartilage than navel, came out about 2 in above crest of ilinum, suppose it did not enter cavity of abdomen. Disability three fourths – duration uncertain. Exam ordered. Feb. 5, 1866.


CLARK, John H., Colored, age 21, 5’ 5”, born in Hyde Park, a farmer. Enlisted Jan. 12, 1864. Discharged June 27, 1865. Corporal in Co.F, 26th Regt. U.S. Col’d. Troops. Wounded on John’s Is., S.C. July 7, 1864 by a musket ball through left leg just below the knee, entering at the insetion of the ligimenteen patella slightly to the inner side and coming out about the centre of the ham. Can extend the leg nearly straight and flex it to a right angle. Disability three eighths. Duration uncertain. Exam. Ordered. Aug. 11, 1866.


CLISE, John, Hollaner, age 25, 5ft. 5in., light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, a farmer. Private in Co.B, 16th U.S. Infantry. Resides at Holland, Ottowa Co., Mich. On the pension roll at Detroit @ $8 per mo. Annual examination ordered. Gunshot wound in right breast breaking two ribs, wounding lung & also the right arm, received before Corinth, Miss. May 27, 1862. Considerably emaciated and debilitated, troublesome cough with more or less expectoration at times mixed with blood. Right side measures less than left. Respiratory sounds rough and vesicular murmur absent in some portion of right lung. Pulse 96 – irritable. Sept. 2, 1865. VOID – Thos. J. Noyes, Pension Agent, Detroit, Mich.


CONDIT, Cyrus, private In Co.C, 19th Iowa Vols. Biennial examination. On pension roll at DesMoines, Iowa @ $8 per. Mo. Peter Myers Pen. Agt. Disability three fourths. Wounded on posterior and inner aspect of right thigh about three inches above knee joint. Ball not extracted – is lame – obliged to walk with a cane. Complains of pain on motion or jarring. Sept. 16, 1865.


CONNELL, John, born Ireland, a laborer, age 50, 5ft. 7in. high, dark complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. Residence: Rhinebeck Station. Enrolled Sept. 22, 1861 for three years. Discharged at Convalescent Camp, Va. Jan. 20, 1863. Disability: Large varicose veigns on right leg extending nearly to the groin. Ulcers on left leg, said to proceed from buckshot wounds which have been healed but have broken out again. Rank: Private of Capt. Lynch’s Co. C, 63rd Regt. N.Y.S. Vols. Degree: disability one half, probably permanent. Certificate granted May 6, 1863.


CROATE, Mathew, age 25, light complexion, sandy hair, hazel eyes, Iris, a dyer. Private in Co.E, 17th Regt. N.Y.V. Disch. At Wash. D.C. Jan. 5, 1863. Enrolled May/61. Wounded Augt. 30, 1862 2d Bull Run, Va. supposed by a musket ball striking and destroying right eye. Immediately afterward received a severe flesh wound across left breast from the fragment of a shell. Soon after in same fight received a musket ball through right shoulder striking the upper edge of the clavicle about 2 in from outer extremity and coming out on the back near the spine opposite the spine of scapula. Says that since wound in breast he suffers from palpitation on any active exercise, though I discover nothing wrong about heart. Cannot bear much weight on right shoulder. Right eye totally destroyed, collapsed, edge of upper lid grown fast to bottom of orbit, deformity considerable. Disability three fourths, permanent. Exam ordered. January 3, 1866.


COOPER, Mortimer, 21, 5’ 8”, light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, a clerk, born in Fishkill. Enrolled 17th Reg. N.Y.V. Discharged at Alexandria Va. Nov. 12, 1862. At Battle of 2nd Bull Run a piece of shell struck his cartridge box, bruising hip and loin and as he says afterwards passed blood from both bladder and bowels and was lame for six months. Claims to suffer from epilectic convulsions in consequence of said injury. As he presents the aspect of a person in perfect health and in absence of physical signs I cannot certify to the existence, much less to the degree or probable duration of disability. Sept. 3, 1866.


DEWITT, Martin V.B., Capt. Co. K, 128th Regt. N.Y.V. Discharged at Washington Jan. 12, 1865. Residence Carthage Landing, P.O. address Germantown. Wounded in Battle of Winchester Sept. 19, 1864 by a musket ball striking right eyebrow carrying away upper and outer portions of orbit and portion of skull, passing under zygomatic arch and coming out close to upper part of ear. Eyeball wounded at upper and inner part of cornea, probably by a piece of bone. Globe considerably shrunken and deformed – soft cornea nearly opaque, chronic inflammation. Blindness total and irremediable. Says other eye is sympathetically affected. Opening the mouth and mastication somewhat interfered with from lesion of muscles and their attachments. Some deformity from right temple falling in. Disability two-thirds – permanent. March 17, 1865.


DEWOLF, Eugene, private in Co.A, 1st Mich. Vols. On pension roll of Detroit Mich. @ 5 1/3 per mo. Annual exam ordered. Musket ball through right forearm about three in. below elbow from radial to ulnar side – radius said to have been broken, union perfect, fingers contracted towards palm, little and ring fingers most but all to some extent, hand weak and numb. Sept. 13, 1865. Thos. J. Noyes, agt. Detroit, Mich.


DEWOLF, Eugene, Annual examination ordered. Commenced Feb. 11, 1865. Condition about same as at previous exam. Fingers not quite so much contracted but still weak and numb. Muscles on ulnar side of forearm and hand considerably atrophied. Disability continues two thirds, on roll at Detroit, Mich. Thos. J. Noyes, agent. March 26, 1866.


DONNELLY, John, private Co.A, 20th Regt. N.Y. Inf. On rolls at N.Y. City @ $4 per mo. Biennial examination. Disability continues one half. Ball struck right ramus of lower jaw passing back through neck and coming out back of neck near spine. Complains principally of neuralgic pains in that side of head and face and at times pain and discharge from the ear and swelling with soreness at the seat of wound. Sept. 26, 1865.


DOXEY. James C., age 24, 5’ 8”, light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, a farmer. Private Co.I, 9th Reg. Vet. Res. Corps. Formerly of Co.A, 20th Regt. N.Y.S.M. Enrolled Sept. 28, 1861. Disch. Sept. 28, 1864. Wounded at Gettysburgh July 1, 1863 by a musket ball through left shoulder striking in front and coming out on the back through posterior border of scapula. Motions of joint restricted and somewhat painful., flexion & extension and also rotation attended by a ketch and crepitus in joint. Muscles of shoulder and arm somewhat reduced in size. Disability one half – probably permanent. Exam. Ordered. Aug. 4, 1866.


DUNBAR, James, born in Pine Plains, age 21, 5ft. 11in. high, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, a teamster. Lives at Pine Plains. Enrolled Aug. 6, 1861. Discharged at Beaufort, Port Royal, S.C. Oct. 16, 1862. Rank: Private of Capt. McDonald’s Co. D, 47th Regt. N.Y.S. Vol. Disability: Seized on June 20, 1862 with inflammatory rheumatism (from lying out without tent) which affected nearly all joints of upper and lower extremities from which and its effects he is still suffering. Never had anything of the kind before. Has paroxysms of inflammation at intervals. Some distortion about joints, especially those of the fingers and toes from interstitial deposit. Limbs stiff and weak. Walks with crutches. Disability total, duration uncertain. Certificate granted May 15, 1863.


DUNBAR, James (reexamination, biennial exam), Previous examination May 15, 1863. Find that although the rheumatism has abated there still remains much debility, some distortion and atrophy of some of the muscles. Also examined by Dr. Barnes Sept. 16, 1863. Certificate for total disability.


DUNBAR, James, Imperfect use of limbs from contraction and wasting of muscles. Ankles said to swell from exertion especially in cold weather. Fingers and toes considerably crooked. Disability three fourths. Sept. 9, 1865.


FERGUSON, Uriah L., age 20, late a Sergeant of Capt. A.J. Lavallie’s Co. K, 57th Regt. New York Vol. Discharged at camp near Keyes Pass, Va. Oct. 30, 1862. Loss of left arm, wounded by fragment of shell, total permanent disability. Left arm amputated about 3 inches above the elbow joint. Native of and residing in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.. Certificate granted Jan. 29, 1863.


FERRIS, William G., Capt. Co. D, 6th Regt. N.Y. Heavy Art. Discharge dated Washington Mar. 9, 1865. Wounded in Battle of Cedar Creek Va. Oct. 19, 1864 by a musket ball striking the outer aspect of right thigh about 2 in. below great trochanter, striking the bone and lodging, afterwards extracted. Wound still unhealed. Thigh flexed on pelvis, subject to occasional inflammation and formation of matter. Disability total, duration uncertain. Examination ordered. Nov. 2, 1865.


FITCHETT, George H., age 22, born in West Troy, a carriage painter. Enrolled Aug. 13, 1862. Discharged July 12, 1865. Corporal in Co.D, 128th N.Y.V. Wounded at Port Hudson June 14, 1863 by a fragment of shell striking thumb of left hand against his gun, smashing it so as to require amputation through upper phalanx. Stump too short to be of any service. Disability one half, permanent. Exam. Ordered Sept. 3, 1866.


GORMAN, John O., biennial ex., Private in Co.E, 19th Regt. Mich. Vols. Gunshot wound and resection of about 4in. of both bones of left forearm including head of radius. About 1 in of upper extremity of ulna remains – false joint. Hand entirely useless for any purpose of manual labour. On pension rolls Detroit, Mich. Sept. 2, 1865.


GRIFFIN, Abram M., farmer, 25 years old. Description: six feet high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, born in Dutchess Co. N.Y. Residence: lives at Washington Hollow. Discharge: discharged at Convalescent Camp, Va. on Jan. 27, 1863. Rank: Private of Capt. Becker’s Co. G, 44th Regt. New York Volunteers. Disability: Wounded in battle of Hanover Court House, Va. May 27, 1862 by a musket ball entering just below the left knee, near the head of the fibula and lodging in the muscles of the calf from which it was extracted four weeks afterward. Limb somewhat stiff and weakened. Unable to walk more than two or three miles – does not improve. Disability one fourth – probably permanent. Certificate granted Feb. 25, 1863.


GRIFFIN, Abraham M. (biennial examination) Previous examination Feb. 25, 1863. Condition same. Disability one fourth. Certificate granted Dec. 5, 1863. Dr. L. Barnes concurs.


HALL, William H., age 43, 5ft. 10in. fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, born in Unionvale, lives in LaGrange, a carpenter. Enlisted Sept. 6, 1862. Discharged Aug. 10, 1863 at Baltimore. Private of Capt. B.S. Boras’ Co. I, 150th Regt. N.Y.V. Is weak and emaciated, has dry hacking cough. Left chest somewhat collapsed. Absence of vesicular murmur over considerable space of lower and back part of left lung. Disability two thirds – probably permanent. Examination ordered. May 16, 1865.


HARVEY, Joseph, age 40, born in Ulster Co. N.Y., 5ft. 11in. high, dark complexion, black eyes, dark hair, a farmer, lives in Wappingers Falls. Enlisted at Po’Keepsie Oct. 5, 1861. Discharged at David’s Is. March 31, 1863. Private of Capt. Hazard’s Co.D, 51st N.Y.S.V. Wounded in battle 2nd Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862 by a musket ball through right shoulder entering on its anterior aspect about two inches below the point apparently passing through the head of the humerus and coming out through the shoulder blade about one inch from its external margin and 2 ½ in below its spine. Wound of entrance still unhealed. Motion of shoulder joint extremely limited and muscles of shoulder much wasted, especially the pectoral. Disability total, probably permanent. July 21, 1864.


HAY, Thomas, Born in  Fishkill, age 24, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, 5ft. 8in., a farmer. Lives at Oswego Village, Union Vale. Enrolled Oct. 11, 1862. Discharged Oct. 7, 1864 at Washington. Private of Capt. Schofield’s Co. K, 150th Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded at Battle of Gettysburgh July 3, 1863 by a musket ball in left elbow joint – lodged and was extracted same day. Has reslted in complete anchylosis of joint at an angle of about 155 degrees, neither flexion & extension or rotation cannot approximate hand to head or face. Disability three fourths – probably permanent. Examination ordered. July 18, 1865.


HEALSTED, Abraham, age 20, 5ft. 4in. high, light complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, a farmer. Born in Dutchess Co. N.Y. Discharged from Hammond Gen. Hospital at Point Lookout Md. March 11, 1863. Private in Capt. John McEntee’s Co. A, 20th Reg. N.Y.S.M. Wounded at Gainesville Aug. 28, 1862 by a fragment of shell striking his left leg and whilst lying on the field is said to have received some injury to the back of his head of which he can give no account. Fibia bruised, exfoliated, ulcers unhealed, pain in bone, lame, walks with cane. Expression of countenance downcast, vacant & stupid, head droops to his breast and turned to the right, slight tenderness over spine of neck & 5th dors. Vert. Where a tap causes flinching & spasmodic twitching. Is subject to epilectic fits since the injury. Never had them before except “worm fits” in infancy. If not caused by self abuse, must be attributed to the injury. Disability total – duration uncertain. Certificate granted April 1, 1863.


HITCHCOCK, David W., age 21, 6 ft., dark complexion, dark hair, light eyes, a farmer. Enrolled Aug. 14, 1862, Private in Co.I, 117 N.Y.V. Discharged at Ft. Monroe June 16, 1865. There seems to be considerable tuberculous deposit especially below right clavicle which at present seems dormant. Pulse 93 – respiration 24, thin but appetite good, also digestion, nearly free from cough. Cannot labor on account of shortness of breath. Disability three fourths, probably permanent. Examination ordered. Sept. 13, 1866.


HOVER, William, born in Red Hook, age 23, 5ft. 7in., blue eyes, light hair & complexion, a farmer. Lives at Madalin. Enrolled Aug. 19, 1862. Discharged July 12, 1865 at Savannah. Private in Capt. Thos. N. Davis’ Co. C, 128th Regt. New York Inf. Vol. Wounded at Fisher’s Hill Va. Sept. 22, 1864 by a musket ball in left forearm entering about 2in. above wrist on dorsal aspect over the radius, fracturing that bone, taking an upward direction and lodging in the limb. Bone united with some approximation to ulna, though rotation is tolerably free but slightly painful. Arm soon gives out on undertaking any hard work and many things such as chopping and mowing cannot do at all. Disability one thirds – duration prob. Per. Examination ordered. May 24, 1866.


IRELAND, George, born in Putnam Co. NY, age 43, 5ft. 6in. high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, a laborer. Discharged at Washington D.C. June 1, 1865. Private in Co. G, 52nd N.Y. Vols. Wounded in a charge on the breastworks in front of Petersburgh Va. June 16, 1864 by a musket ball entering about 3in. below point of left shoulder, directly in front, passing through the chest and coming out about 1 ½ in from spine on same side about opposite the 7th dorsal vertebrae Also wounded by a canister shot through the fleshy part of right side over last short rib. This last causes no disability. Is unable to raise left arm to a horizontal line, muscles of shoulder atrophied. Complains of pain in side, shortness of breath & palpitation of heart, though heart and lung sounds are very good. Disability one half, probably permanent. Exam ordered. Sept. 2, 1865.


JONES, Jacob D., 29, Dutchess Co., 5’ 7”, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, a farmer. Private in Co. 51 (Capt. Edw. S. Stratton) 2nd Batt. Vet. Res. Corps (Priv. Co.F, 73d Reg. N.Y.V.) Discharged April 14, 1865 at W. Philadelphia. Wounded May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania C.H. by a musket ball through right arm about 1 in. below the margin of ascilla, passing under the humerus and apparently cutting off the brachial artery. Right arm small and weak – circulation feeble. All the fingers firmly contracted from shortening muscles. Innervation fair. Disability total – duration permanent. Examination ordered. January 29, 1866.


JONES, John W., age 20, 5ft. 10in., black hair, black eyes, fair complexion, born in Dutchess Co., a bartender. Private in Capt. Woodin’s Co.D, 150th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Discharged at Madison Ind. April 19, 1865. Siezed with paralysis of right side while on picket at Normandy, Tenn. Right side paralyzed, leg so far recovered as to be able to walk tolerably well but arm entirely powerless. Cause obscure and liable to suspicion, but the statements of his Col., Capt. & Surg. After particular inquiry lead me to believe that it originated as certified above. Disability total – duration uncertain. Exam ordered. October 25, 1865.


KENNEDY, Daniel, age “43”? 5ft. 7in. fair complexion, dark eyes, gray hair, a labourer. Enrolled Sept. 15, 1862. Discharged March 22, 1865 at Madison, Ind. By reason of Surg. Certif. Of disability – physically unfit to enter or reenlist in V.R.C. Complains of a dizziness in the head and deafness in right ear – the result of two falls, one at Gettysburgh, the other near Atlanta. I recollect attending in Jan. 1860 I think, this same Daniel Kennedy for a broken head when his condition was pretty much the same as at present. He is also probably considerably older than his papers make him, and was unfit when enlisted. Disability – degree not determined – did not originate in the service. Examination not ordered. April 21, 1865.


KENNEDY, Martin, age 21, 5ft. 3in. high, light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a labourer. Born in Ireland, lives in Poughkeepsie. Enrolled Nov. 24, 1861. Wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run August 30, 1862 by a musket ball which entered just below the right eye and came out from the back of the neck about two inches to the right of the spine of the fourth cervical vertibra, entrance not healed, exit healed. Right eye weak and congested, cheek considerably swollen, can separate front teeth but ¾ in. Pus discharges at times from entrance wound, offensive. Feeding considerably interfered with, can masticate only on left side, general health good. Some deformity, but not much. Disability at present total, duration uncertain. Certificate granted April 1, 1863.


KENNEDY, Martin (biennial examination) Previous examination April 1, 1863. Find that although the wound is healed there still remains some swelling of the cheek and tenderness, paralysis of parts supplied by infra orbital nerve, inability to chew on right side or to separate front teeth more than one inch. Complains of pain in the head at times so that he is unable to work for nearly half the time. Certificate of disability one half. Exam. By Dr. P. Barnes Sept. 21, 1863.


KIRCHNER, George N., born in Germany, age 55, 5ft. 6in. high, dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, a gardner. Discharged at New Orleans Apr. 22, 1863. Private of Capt. O.C. Baker’s Co.I, 159th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Large bursa over right patella and thickening of tissues about the joint the result of previous inflammation said to have been caused by falls upon the knee whilst on the march. Disability one half, duration uncertain. Certificate dated June 23, 1864.


LEE, Brownwell W., farmer, 19 years old, 5ft. 6 in. high, light complexion, gray eyes, light hair, born in Washington, Dutchess Co. N.Y. Residence: lives in Unionvale. Rank: Private in Capt. E.P. Mount’s Co. H, 61st New York Volunteers. Discharged at Falmouth, Va. Nov. 19, 1862. Gunshot wound in breast, left side of sternum at junction of second rib. Wound firmly cicatrized. The organs of the chest (as far as I can discover) are sound, and his general health is good. His physical condition contradicts his statements. Suspect disability feigned. Feb. 13, 1863.


LIEBHART, John H., corporal in Co. E, 83d Regt. Penn. Vols. On roll at Pittsburgh Pa. @ 8 dols. Per mo. Biennial examination. Struck by a musket ball in neck about 1 in. above left sterno-clavicular articulation which passed outwards and was extracted next day from behind left shoulder just under spine of scapula about 2 in. from point of shoulder. Motion of arm pretty free but voluntary motion of fingers almost altogether wanting, especially extension. Sensation nearly absent in little and side of ring finger. Disability remains total. Resides at Woodcock, Crawford Co., Pa. Oct. 16, 1865. James McGregor, P. Agt.


LIGHT, Robert B., age 26, born in Dutchess Co., 5ft 7in, dark complexion & hair, an expressman. First Sergeant of Lieut. Armstrong’s Co.D, 128th Regt. N.Y.V. Enrolled Aug. 13, 1862. Discharged May 9, 1865 at Philadelphia Pa. Wounded in Battle of Winchester  Sept. 19, 1864 by a conoidal ball through left forearm entering on the dorsal aspect about 1 ½ in. above the wrist joint and coming out on the palm and side about 1 ½ in. higher than the wound of entrance fracturing the radius. Wound of entrance still unhealed, liable to pain and inflammation on severe exertion. Disability one third, duration uncertain. Ex. Ordered. May 15, 1866.


MINKLER, George W., on rolls at N.Y. City @ $8 per mo. P.O. Box Madilen, Red Hook. Annual examination ordered. Private in Co.C of the 128th Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded at Cedar Creek Oct. 19, 1864 by a musket ball entering in front of right ear and coming out left side of nose. Vision of right eye almost gone and impaired in left. Constant mucopurulent discharge from both. Lachrymal duct of left side obstructed. Nose deformed. Exposure to the sun causes pain in head. Disability continues total. Sept. 5, 1866.


MOORE, Adam, age 25, 5ft. 10in. high, gray eyes, dark hair and complexion. Born in Coxsackie, lives at Red Hook, a farmer. Discharged at Pt. Lookout, Md. Oct. 20, 1864. Private of Co. F, 20th Regt. Vet. Res. Corps. Served out his time (3 yrs) in 20th N.Y.S.M. Reenlisted in Vet. Res. Cor. Being partially disabled by a wound received from a musket ball in the side at Battle of Gettysburgh July 1, 1863. Received compound fracture of left leg Aug. 5, 1864 by a part of building in front of which he was on guard being blown upon him by a tornado at Pt. Lookout. Tibia fractured about three in. above inner and fibula about six in. above outer ankle, tibea protruded. Fractures united with 1 ½ in shortening from head of tib. To int. mal., foot turned inwards, toes slightly inverted. Point of lower fragment of  fibula projects outwards & presses against soft parts. Disability total. Duration uncertain. Nov. 26, 1864.


MOORE, Adam, Annual examination ordered. Disability three fourths. Leg seems less crooked and in consequence measures ¼ in more than in previous examination. Lower end of upper fragment of fibula calloused over and rounded off; corresponding end of tibia pressing on superficial soft parts under a tender cicatrized. Shortening 1 ¼ in. Sept. 5, 1865.


MOORE, Adam Condition same as at previous examination. Leg shortened 1 ¼ in – united at an angle – foot turns inward. Point of projecting upper fragment of tibia only covered by the thin skin of a tender cicatrix. Disability continues three fourths. Annual examination ordered. March 27, 1866.


MOREY, John, age 43, 5ft. 9 ½ in. high, fresh complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a farmer. Born in Dutchess Co. lives in Washington, Lithgo P.O. Enrolled Aug. 30, 1862 for 3 yrs. Private in Capt. Cogswell’s Co. A, 150th N.Y.V. Discharged at Baltimore Md. April 7, 1863 on account of “enlargement of liver and dropsy”. Some fullness in epigastric region and tenderness on pressure. Flat sound on percussion from the ninth rib to about three inches below the ribs in right hypochondriac region indicating enlargement of liver. No dropsy at present. Appetite poor, bowels regular. Disability one half, duration uncertain. Certificate granted Oct. 21, 1863.


MOREY, John, (semi-annual exam) Dulness over larger space than natural in right hypochondriac region. Complains of pain or pressure on exertion or on sudden jar. Cannot lie on right side. No dropsy. General health seems good. Disability one third. Sept. 7, 1864. June 23, 1866 – Send duplicate on application of A. Forbes, Esq.


MOREY, John, semi-annual examination (previous ex. Sept. 7, 1864, disability 1/3) Dullness of right hypochondria has disappeared and he has the appearance of health but still complains of pain in side (left especially from jar and inability to lie on right side. Exertion brings on pain. Disability one fourth. March 14, 1865.


MORRIS Jr., Henry W., age 18, 5ft. 8in. high, light complexion, blue eyes, black hair, a clerk. Born in Poughkeepsie, lives there. Private of Capt. Geo. Parker’s Co. D, 128th N.Y.S. Vol. Enrolled July 26, 1862. Discharged at Baton Rouge Nov. 5, 1863. Wounded in battle of Port Hudson June 14, 1863 by a musket ball fracturing the olecranon process of left ulna and opening into the elbow joint. Elbow joint completely anchylosed forearm nearly in a straight line with arm. Radius also anchylosed with the ulna. Disability seven eighths, probably permanent. Certificate granted Feb. 25, 1864.


MORRIS Jr., Henry W., (annual examination) First examination Feb. 26, 1864. Condition same as then. Elbow joint rigid, limb straight, no rotation of radius on ulna. Disability seven eighths. Certificate dated March 18, 1864.


MURRAY, Joseph D., late a private of Co.K, 83d Regt. Penn. Vols. Pensioner on the rolls of the Pittsburgh agency at $8.00 per mo. Commencing April 6, 1863. Semi-annual examination. Wounded by a musket ball and buckshot in right leg across the front of the head of tibia. One point still open – exfoliation not yet fully completed. Disability two thirds. March 11, 1865.


PAYNE, Orra S., age 24, light complexion, gray eyes, light hair, 5ft. 6in. high, a farmer. Lives in Stamford, P.O. address Attlebury. Enrolled Oct. 21, 1861 for 3 years. Discharged at Aquia Creek March 18, 1863. Private of Capt. John McEntee’s Co.A, 20th Regt. N.Y.S. Militia. Wounded at Chantilly Ford Sept. 1, 1862 by a musket ball through left forearm entering on the dorsal aspect about midway between the elbow and wrist and coming out at the inner condyle of the humerous fracturing the radius. Radius and Ulna appear anchylosed so as to prevent rotation of the hand. Hand considerably weakened but improving somewhat in this respect. Disability one third – permanent. Certificate dated July 2, 1863.


PRAY, David H., age 42, 5ft. 10in. high, sandy complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, a farmer. Lives at Milton Ulster Co., N.Y. Enrolled at Berlin, Wis. May 4, 1861 for 3 yrs. Discharged at Phila. Feb. 4, 1863. Private of Lieut. G. Strong’s Co.G, 5th Regt. Wisconsin Volunteers. Was taken sick during the Seven Days fight and retreat in front of Richmond about the 25th July 1862. Entered hospital Aug. 10th, thinks he strained his back at lifting in building a bridge across the Chickahominy a few days previous. Was taken with weakness and pain in the back. Urine scanty and very red, at one time had adema of lower extremities. Urine still less in quantity & higher in colour than natural. Cannot labour on account of distress it occasions in the back. Was never sick before. Discharged at Phila. Feb. 4, 1863. Disability one half – duration uncertain. Certificate granted July 23, 1863.


QUICK, George W., born in Clinton, Dutchess Co. N.Y., age 33, 6ft. high, light complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, a farmer. Private of Capt. Richd. Titus’ Co.I, 150th N.Y.V. Disch. At Wash. D.C. June 8, 1865. Wounded July 20, 1864 in front of Atlanta by a musket ball entering the posterior aspect of right arm about 1 1/2in above elbow and lodging somewhere in the limb. Several small pieces of bone came out of wound and one from ulnar aspect of forearm about 4 in. below elbow. Also wounded in right shoulder by a pistol ball from above downwards across spine of scapula while stooping forward. Limb weak and painful in using, pains before a storm, cannot extent forearm fully. Disability one third – duration uncertain. Exam ordered. Dec. 30, 1865.


QUICK, George W., Pri., Co.I, 150th. Lives at Washington, Dutchess Co. Annual examination ordered. Disability continues one third. Ball said to be lodged somewhere in limb. Complains of pain after severe use. Sept. 13, 1866.


RANSOM, Benjamin, N.Y. City, age 38?, 5’ 11”, dark comp., gray eyes, brown hair, a labourer, lives in Garden St., Po’keepsie, says he is 48. Private Co.E, 145th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Enrolled August 29, 1862. Discharged at Cincinnati July 10, 1865 on account of hernia & barix. Veins of both legs considerably distended and very tortuous – but not much above knees, right leg most severe. Tendency to hernia on left side (inguinal) but no protrusion at present. Disability one half – probably permanent. Exam ordered. March 22, 1866.


RANSOM, Judson, private of Capt. Atkins’ Co. B, 98th Regt. N.Y. Vols. On pension rolls N.Y. City @ four dol. Per mo. Struck by a musket ball at Battle of Cold Harbor Va. June 3, 1864 breaking right clavicle about the centre passing through right chest and coming out through angle of scapula. Also wounded in mouth chipping off a piece of lower jaw. Motion of shoulder limited – weak. Is subject to cough when exposed to cold or dust. Certify to three fourths disability. Annual examination ordered, also Certificate of Examination for increase of pension not ordered. Sept. 9, 1865.


ROE, Joseph, on rolls at N.Y. City for $8.00. Corporal of Co.C, 91st Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded in battle of Southside R.R. April 2, 1865, a musket ball striking root of nose carrying away left eye with greater portions of upper lid. Wound still unhealed. Complains a good deal of supra orbital pain on that side. Deformity considerable. Annual examination ordered. Disability continues total. Sept. 11, 1866.


ROWE, Michael, age 21, born in Dutchess Co., 5ft. 10in. high, light complexion, gray eyes, brown hair, miller. Rank: Private of Capt. Wm. Lee’s Co. E, 91st N.Y.S. Vol. Discharged at Key West, Fla. April 7, 1862. Disability: chronic diarrhea. Degree: one half, probably temporary. He appears to have spent most of his term of service in hospital and to have been an invalid since; bit I should judge that his health is at present nearly restored. Certificate granted April 27, 1863.


RUSSELL, Lawrence, age 40, Ireland, 5’ 6”, light complexion, blue eyes, a labourer. Private in Co. H, 150th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Enrolled Sept. 23, 1862. Discharged at Albany, May 24, 1865. Took cold from exposure in lying on the damp ground near Atlanta, Ga. And has never been well since. Respiration 28, pulse 114. Emaciation moderate – cough troublesome, expectoration slight, weakness and shortness of breath. No marked dullness on percussion on either side. Respiration generally rude and bronchial in some parts dry, in others rough – absence of vesicular murmur most marked beneath left scapula. Disability total. Duration probably permanent. Exam. Ordered. July 26, 1866.


SAUNDERS, Robert, Born in Poughkeepsie, age 21, a bartender. Private in Co.D, 128th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Enrolled July 22, 1862. Discharged at Phila. May 29, 1865. Wounded in Battle of Winchester Va. Sept. 19, 1864 by a minie ball through left hand entering the dorsum and coming out of palm, fracturing metacarpal bone of little and probably that of ring finger. Little finger retracted – appears to be some riding by of fragments of metacarpus. Wound though healed is not yet sound – tender. Disability one third – duration uncertain. Examination ordered. June 4, 1866.


SCHWARTZ, Michael, age 42, 5ft. 8in. high, black hair, gray eyes, dark complexion, a labourer. Born in Germany, lives at Rhinebeck. Enrolled August 27, 1862. Discharged Dec. 21, 1863 from West Phila. Hosp. Penn. Private of Co. K, Capt. Sockman 119th N.Y.V. Wounded at Gettysburgh July 1, 1863 by musket ball through right hand entering on the dorsal aspect breaking the metacarpal bone of fore finger through the upper phalanx. The thumb was also lacerated at the same time. Forefinger and thumb without voluntary motion, middle finger lost, ring and little fingers uninjured but very weak and limited in motion from want of use. Disability seven eighths. Certificate dated March 19, 1864.


SCHWARTZ, Michael With exception of slight improvement in ring and little fingers condition same as at previous examination. Disability seven eighths. Examination for restoration not ordered. Sept. 14, 1865.


SCHWARTZ, Michael. For increase. Thumb atrophied & useless, crooked around and across the hand. Middle finger lost, ring and little fingers intact, but as far as manual labor is concerned I believe he could do as well without the hand. Disability total. Sept. 17, 1866.


SCOUTEN, Charles A., age 21, born in Dutchess Co., black hair, black eyes, dark complexion. Enlisted Aug. 7, 1861. Discharged Sept. 29, 1864 at Washington. 2nd Lieut., Capt. Chs. C. Haight’s Co. H, 39th N.Y.V. Wounded before Petersburgh Va. June 16, 1864 by a musket ball through fleshy part of right arm (ant. & int. aspect) entering right side and making its exit at the back below right shoulder blade. The ring and little fingers of right hand totally paralyzed, both as regards sensation and motion. Exercise to the extent of heating the body produces severe pain in the limb which is easily affected by cold. Ulnar nerve probably severed. Disability two thirds – probably permanent.


SCREDER, William S., Born in New York City, age 21, 5ft. 8 ¾ in. high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a horse trainer. Residence: Lives at Farmer’s Mills, Putnam Co., N.Y. Enrolled May 9, 1861 for two years. Discharged from Convalescent Camp, Va. January 23, 1863. Rank: Corporal Capt. Lewis’ Co. D, 5th N.Y.S.V. Wounded at Gaines’ Mills, Va. June 27, 1862 by a musket ball through the right wrist, entering at the point of the ulna, probably fracturing this bone and cutting off the ulnar artery and nerve, passing through and shattering the radius and coming out about two inches above the joint. Some distortion from shortening of muscles, loss of sensation in little and adjoining side of ring finger, flexion and extension, pronation and supination very limited; cannot approximate the thumb to any of the fingers. Disability total and probably permanent. Certificate dated June 1, 1863.


SHAFER, Nelson P., born in Rhinebeck, age 23, 5’ 4”, dark hair & eyes,, a farmer. Enrolled Augt. 12, 1862. Discharged Sept. 4, 1865. Private in Co.B, 150th Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded at Battle of Gettysburgh July 3, 1863 by a fragment of shell striking him in the right eye cutting open the ball and discharging the humors. Eyeball collapsed and sight totally destroyed. Disability one half – permanent. Exam ordered. June 5, 1866.


SHEARS, David O., age 48, 5ft.  in. high, brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion, a farmer. Born in Putnam Co., lives in S. Dover, Wing Station. Enrolled Jan. 3, 1862. Priv. Co. A, 4th Reg. N.Y. Heavy Art. Discharged from Vander Wer Ken Hosp. Nov. 2, 1862 on account of chronic bronchitis. Was in hospital nearly all the time from May to November 1862. Tolerably full in flesh but pale and flabby, pulse 100 per min. quick and irritable, breathing short. Complains of irritation in the trachea, cough, shortness of breath and pain in the chest, also of chronic diarrhea. Cannot detect tuberculosis but symptoms seem to indicate it. Disability one half, duration uncertain. Certificate granted Oct. 5, 1863.


SHELDON, Frederick F., special examination, fair complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, age 21. A farmer lives at Sterling, Ill. Discharged at Cincinnati O. March 7, 1863. Application for pension No. 31734. Complains of palpitation of the heart and sense of constriction from any violent and sometimes even from very moderate exertion – much headache. Pulse 68, regular, but rather weak and jerking. Impulse of heart of same jerking character, observed over larger space than natural. Marked cardiac murmur with first sound especially on left side both at apex and base most marked over region of mitral valve, less on right side. No murmur with second sound which appears to be double. Percussion shows no marked hypertrophy. Suppose him to have dilatation of left ventricle with imperfect mitral valve. Disability three fourths, probably permanent. June 3, 1864.


SHEROW, Benjamin S., private of Capt. Wooden’s Co. D, 150th Regt. N.Y.V. on pens. Rolls in N.Y. City @ $2 2/3 per mo. Applicant for increase of pension. Examination not ordered. Had three ribs on right side broken and driven in by a spent shell at Gettysburgh, displacement still exists interfering with full expansion of lung. Received musket ball in palm of left hand striking metacarpal bone of ring finger. Afterwards suffered from gangrene in wound. Ring and little fingers firmly contracted in palm of hand. Middle and fore fingers also contracted but to less extent. Disability three fourths. Sept. 14, 1865.


SIMMONS, George F., black eyes & hair, 5ft. 8 1/4in. Lives at Madalin, Red Hook, Dutchess Co. N.Y. Corporal in Co. C, 128th Regt. N.Y.V. Disch. At Phila. Apr. 13, 1865. Received two wounds in battle near Winchester, Va. Sept. 19, 1864. 1st a musket ball through left foot entering about 2in. in front of and on a line with the external maleolus, coming out about 1 in. below & the same distance in front of internal maleolus. Another ball struck right foot passing through first three toes, great toe shortened, second toe lost. Bones of left tarsus anchylosed, foot weak and stiff, wounds sound, quite lame. Disability one third, permanent. Exam ordered. December 1, 1865.


SLATER, John S., age 20, 5ft. 6 1/2 in. high, brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion, a farmer. Born and lives in Portage, Livingston Co. NY. Enrolled at Danville Sept. 13, 1861 for two years. Discharged at Washington DC Jan. 22, 1863. Private of Capt. Ralph T. Wood’s Co. G, 13th Regt. N.Y.S. Vols. Wounded at 2d Battle of Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862 by a minie ball through the neck entering about two inches below the angle of the left under jaw and coming out close to the spine of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae laying bare the carotid artery in front and the spinal column behind. Wound healed in about three months but is still very sensitive and the left upper extremity is partially paralyzed. Innervation of little finger and adjoining side of ring finger were never impaired, but the arm remains powerless for a long time after the wound had healed and is still weak and numb. No improvement last three or four months. Disability three fourths, duration uncertain. Certificate granted Sept. 22, 1863.


SLATER, John S., (biennial examination) Poughkeepsie P.O.

1st examination Sept. 22, 1863. Disability – three fourths, improvement slight. Certificate granted March 5, 1864.


SLOSS, David, age 20, born Aberdeen, Scotland, a carpet weaver. Enlisted July 16, 1861. Dis. Aug. 1, 1864. Sergeant in Co. B, 21st Regt. Mass. Vols. Wounded whilst lying in the trench in front of Petersburgh June 20, 1864 by a musket ball striking the inner aspect of right knee directly over the joint passing up in the sulcus between the patella and head of femur and was cut out about three inches above. The two wounds by sloughing were converted into one. There was a slight exfoliation. Wound at present healed. Limb weak, stiff and painful in damp weather. Disability one half, duration uncertain. March 31, 1865.


SLOSS, David Sergeant Co.B, 13th Regt. Mass. Vols. Annual examination ordered. Gunshot wound of right knee followed by gangrene – six mo in healing. Wound seems firmly cicatrized but with considerable loss of substance. Motions perfect but complains of pain after standing or walking. Also painful in damp weather. Disability one third. Sept. 16, 1865.


SLOSS, David, Serg. Co.B, 13th Mass. V. on rolls in N.Y. City @ 1/3 reduced from ½. Annual examination ordered. Condition appears same as at last examination. Disability one third. September 17, 1866.


SNOW. Freeman, Corporal Co. I, 37th Regt. N.Y.V. on pension roll of Albany N.Y. @ $8 per mo. Biennial examination. Received a ball through right shoulder blade into the humerus, shattering the bone. About 5 ½ in including the head of humerus exsected. Motions of hand perfect but arm powerless for manual labor. Sept. 13, 1865. Deodatus Wright agt. Albany N.Y.


SPENCER, Harvey, age 24, 5ft.  in. high, a farmer. Lives at Dover Plains. Discharged from Newbern N.C. March 27, 1863. Private in Capt. Brewster’s Co. D, 10th Reg. Con. Vol. Wounded in Battle of Kingston N.C. Feb. 8, 1863. Right forefinger shot off and a musket ball in right thigh. Complains of shortness of breath and palpitation of heart dating from an attack of typhoid fever. Pulse very irregular. Heart sounds normal but heart’s action very tumultuous and irregular. Dulness over greater space than natural, apex strikes outside the nipple – enlargement. Disability one half. Certificate granted Nov. 21, 1863. Did not pay fee, promises to send it as soon as he arrives home.


TALLARDY, William H., Private of Lieut. Wm. H. Mickle’s Co. A, 134th Regt. N.Y.V. Discharged at Phila. May 17, 1864. Gunshot wound received at Battle of Gettysburgh July 1, 1863 in spine, slightly to right of median line at seventh dorsal vertibra, producing at the time complete paralysis. Wound not firmly cicatrized. There has been several exfoliations of bone. Ball not extracted – supposed to be lodged under right shoulder blade. Disability total. Duration uncertain. Certificate dated Sept. 14, 1864.


TALLARDY, William H., annual examination ordered. Disability improved, still some numbness in feet and legs. Right arm weak – cannot raise it horizontally from shoulder. Right shoulder fallen below left. Complains of pain in back & shoulders. Wound firmly cicatized. Sept. 4, 1865.


TALLARDY, William H., Little or no improvement. Still complains of weakness, numbness and prickling sensation in right hand and feet. Also suffers pain from lodged ball. Annual exam ordered. Disability continues total. Sept. 4, 1866.


TAYLOR, Thomas H.B., Private Co.A, 3 Reg. N.Y. Cav. Discharged at Portsmouth Grove, R.I. Oct. 19, 1865. Wounded June 26, 1864 in front of Petersburgh by a musket ball through palm of left hand shattering two middle metacarpal bones. Gangrene in wound involving muscles and tendons; fingers contracted and incapable of voluntary motions. Hand entirely useless for manual labor. Disability total, duration permanent. Examination ordered. January 22, 1866.


THOMPSON, Franklin, age 21, 5’ 8”, sandy comp., blue eyes, brown hair, a boatmaster. Born in Dutchess Co. N.Y. Lives in Po’keepsie. Enrolled Dec. 1, 1861. Reenlisted Dec. 1, 1863. Discharged near Alexandria Va. July 25, 1865. Private in Co. D, 51st New York Vols. Wounded near Petersburgh, Va. Sept. 30, 1864 by a ball through the ball of right thumb shattering metacarpal bone which appears to be almost or altogether lost. Thumb drawn in towards the corpus. Considerable power of flexion but very little of extension. Also woundd through back of neck close to the junction of spine with base of skull (no disability). Disability one half – permanent. Examination ordered. March 27, 1866.


TITUS, Edward, Capt. Co. I, 6th N.Y. Cavalry. Discharged at Washington Jan. 13, 1865. Wounded at Winchester Sept. 19, 1864 by a musket ball in right forearm 3 in. above wrist joint passing up and was cut out over the head of ulna. Loss of between two and three in. of ulna with sloughing of muscles and tendons. Abscesses about elbow joints. Motion of elbow limited – no motion of thumb and forefinger joints from paralyses. Disability total – duration uncertain. Examination ordered. April 13, 1865.


TITUS, Edward, Capt. Co. I, 6th N.Y. Cav. Annual examination ordered. Near three inches of ulna gone, about two inches from wrist joint, no union, no rotation of radius on ulna. Sensability and motion of hand very much impaired. Motion of elbow good. Diusability continues total. March 22, 1866.


TRAVER, Alvin M., Private in Co. H 5th N.Y. Vols. Enlisted May 9th 1861. Disch. Feb 25, 1863 from David’s Is. Hosp. Lives at Hyde Park. Wounded in battle of Gaines’ Mills Va. June 27th 1862 by a musket ball striking the front of the right leg over the middle of tibia breaking that bone and lodging in the muscles behind from which it was extracted 23 days after. Bone united with a curve forward and outward and with nearly ¾ in. shortening. Leg somewhat smaller than the other. Some contraction and adhesion between muscles of calf the result of inflammation. Says leg is numb and sensitive to cold. Had foot frozen in consequence. Cannot walk far without causing pain and inflammation in leg. Disability one third – exam ordered. Nov. 18, 1865.


TUILL, John, age 23, moulder, 5ft. 7in., dark complexion, gray eyes, brown hair. Private of Capt. H. Holliday’s Co. E, 30th Regt. New York Vols. Lives in Poughkeepsie. Discharged at Washington D.C. Oct. 22, 1862. Wounded at 2nd Battle of Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862 by a gunshot wound through the palm of right hand, destroying the metacarpal bone of middle finger. Middle finger contracted and flexed toward the palm, hand nearly useless. Disability three fourths, permanent, certificate granted March 21, 1863.


TUILL, John, re-examination ordered. Musket ball through right hand from dorsum to palm fracturing metacarpal bone of middle finger and wounding thumb. Metacarpal bone necrosed and removed. Middle finger flexed and useless. Motion and power of fore and ring fingers somewhat impaired. Disability one half – permanent. 1st examination March 21, 1863. May 25, 1865.


TUILL, John, Biennial examination. Middle finger drawn up from loss of metacarpal bone and flexed in palm of hand. Hand weak. Disability one half. Sept. 7, 1865.


VAN DRIESEN, Duane, on rolls at Detroit Mich @ six dollars per mo. Private in Co.K, 27th Mich. Vols. Both inguinal canals open and hernia only prevented from descending by a powerful truss. Biennial Examination. Disability continues three fourths. Aug. 16, 1866.


VANVOORHIS, George W. Born in Dutchess Co., age 21, 5ft. 5 1/2in., dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a farmer. Enrolled Aug. 13, 1862 in Dutchess Co. Discharged Jan. 28, 1865 in N.Y. City. Private of Co. H, Capt. Sincerbox 128th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Transferred to Capt. E.M.L. Ehlers, 145th , 2nd Ba. Vet. Res. Corp. Wounded at Battle of Cane River April 23, 1864 by a musket ball through left forearm entering dorsal aspect about two inches above the wrist and coming out in front about 4 in. above the wrist destroying corresponding portion of radius. Cannot rotate the hand, very little use of thumb and fingers. Sensation good except in ring and little fingers. Disability seven eighths, prob. Permanent. Exam ordered. July 3, 1865.


VANVOORHIS, George W. Annual examination. First examination July 3, 1865. Disability seven eighths and condition same as previous examination. On rolls at N.Y. City @ $7 per. Mo. Sept. 14, 1865.


VREDENBURGH, Levi, age 19, brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, a labourer. Lives at Stormville. Private of Capt. Cooper’s Co. A, 8th Regt. U.S. Infantry. Enlisted at Poughkeepsie Dec. 23, 1861 for 3 yrs. Discharged at Fairfax Seminary Hosp. 29th Nov. 1862. Wounded at battle of Cedar Mountain Aug. 9, 1862 by a musket ball entering the inner aspect of left knee and lodging in the inner condyle of the femur where it remains. Much exertion produces inflammation and suppuration. Wound at present scabbed over but not sound, pus beneath. Disability one half, duration uncertain. Certificate granted July 25, 1863.


WATSON, William K., age 33, born in Oxford, Mass., a tailor. Enrolled Sept. 9, 1862. Discharged at Troy, N.Y. June, 1865. Private in Co.C, 150th Regt. N.Y.V. Wounded at Hoenysburgh N.C. whilst lying down by a musket ball through the base of fourth toe of left foot. Toe retracted, wound sound. Sometimes painful on walking. Would cause considerable inconvenience were he obliged to be on his feet continually. Disability one eighth, duration uncertain. Examination ordered. June 8, 1866.


WAY, Thomas, Private in Co.K, 150th Regt. N.Y. Vols. Biennial examination. On roll at N.Y. City @ $4 per mo. Certify to three fourths disability. Resides at Green Haven, Beekman, Dutchess Co. N.Y. There is complete anchylosis of the elbow joint in a very bad position. Besides anchylosis of radius to ulna preventing rotation of hand and thereby very much increasing the disability. Oct. 12, 1865.


WEAVER, Charles E., of Poughkeepsie, Corporal, Co. E, 30th N.Y.V. (age 24?) Discharged, Nov. 11, 1862 from Finley, Hosp. Washington. Gunshot wound through right forearm, ball entering about three inches below the elbow joint on the radial side and coming out about one inch below the point of the elbow. Extensor muscles of hand paralyzed. Opens the hand with the other, grasp pretty firm. Disability – one half – probably permanent, certificate granted January 15, 1863.


WEAVER, Charles E. (biennial examination) Previous examination Jan. 15, 1863. Condition same as then – limited control of flexor muscles of right hand. Certificate dated Feb. 5, 1864.


WILKINSON, Robert, age 29, dark hair, dark eyes & comp., a merchant. Enrolled Oct. 25, 1862. Discharged at Ft. James, Kan. July 18, 1865. Siezed at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Nov. 1864 with conjunctivitis which has continued to the present time. Existing inflammation in both eyes. Opacity and staphyloma of cornea of right eye. Left eye conjunctive, inflamed, cornea dull and somewhat conical, intolerance of light. Right eye deeply infected, left less so. Private in Co.M, Colorado Cav. Disability total, duration uncertain. Exam. Ordered. July 26, 1866.


WOLVEN, Godfrey, Born in Dutchess Co., age 23, a farmer. Enrolled Sept. 6, 1861. Discharged Sept. 8, 1864. Private in Capt. Walsh’s Co.E, 44th Regt. New York Vols. Applicant for pension on account of hernia. Find no hernia in this case, but a considerably varicocele on left side and slight one on right, which causes some disability and which may or may not have originated in the line of duty. Examination ordered. June 1, 1866.

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