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History of Hamilton Post No. 20, Grand Army of the Republic
By Past Commander William E. Gurney
March 21, 1888

In attempting to write a historical sketch of the Post, I must ask you to excuse me if I do not get the production in as perfect form as you would like, for I never made pretensions to being a historian. But I accepted this trust, thinking perhaps I might be able to record some facts which would be new to many of the comrades who have connected themselves with the Post at a later date. I do not claim to give you a full and complete history of the trails and triumphs through which the Post has passed since its organization, but merely enough to show that the G.A.R. of 1867 had no such growth and magnitude as the G.A.R. of 1888. Then it was in its infancy and needed all the watchful tenderness and care that could be bestowed upon it to keep it alive and direct its first steps in the right direction.  

At present time it has reached the full age of manhood. And I believe no one will say that the efforts put forth (by a few true comrades) in its younger days, to give it a strong and healthy future, were in vain.

 I hope o comrade will take to heart anything which I have written, or say that I have tried to bear down on this one, or brace up that one, for such is not the case. My only motive has been to make this a true history. And though we view objects from different sides, and from different opinions of passing events, I believe all will agree that, as far as this history goes, the writer has endeavored to give the plain unvarnished facts as they appear in the records kept by the organization.

On the 23d day of March, 1867, the 20th Post of the Department of New York, G.A.R., was mustered into the order at Albany. The new post was named Hamilton, in honor of one of Poughkeepsie’s most gallant sons.

At the above date it was composed of the following comrades: A.B. Smith, C.H. Andrus, Geo. Parker, N.M. Carter, Wm. Platto, Wm. H. Johnson, R.K. Tuthill, Derrick Brown, H.M. Neutell, C.B. Morris, G.E. Bissell and H.F. Bissell, whose names appear in the charter now hanging in this room. Only three of the above named comrades are now members of the Post. One fact worth noting is, that of the twelve comrades mustered twenty-one years ago, all are, as far as known, still living. Comrade A.B. Smith was chosen as the first Commander, and served to January 1, 1871. At that time but few could be induced to join the order, and consequently its growth was slow, there having been but twenty-one mustered into the Post during the first three years and nine months of its existence. At that time the Post met in what is now known as the Marble Building, Main Street.

January 1, 1871, George Parker was installed as Commander, and held the position a little over two years. During his term the Post fell back; in fact, but for the efforts of a few, who kept the Department tax paid, its career would have come to an early and ignominious end. During Comrade Parker’s administration but five new members were added. In the early spring of 1872, the Post made arrangements for a course of lectures, which, owing to bad weather, and perhaps a little to bad management on the part of those having it in charge, proved a financial disaster – running the Post in debt between $200 and $300; and had it not been for two of the comrades who showed their loyalty to the order and came forward and opened their purses, Hamilton Post would have been numbered among the institutions that are past and gone.

After this misfortune all interest in the welfare of the Post seemed to cease, and for months scarcely a meeting was held, although the Department tax was kept paid. And during these dark days, as if to increase the gloom, a number of comrades withdrew from the Post, leaving a depleted treasury and a large number of outstanding bills, with no prospects of a brighter future. Those that withdrew, together with others that had never been connected with the G.A.R., organized an opposition Post, known as “F.N. Sterling Post, No. 41” and declared that the old Post 20 was, to all intents and purposes, dead. And surely there was some reason for such reports, for from May 12, 1872 to March 26, 1873, there is no record of any meeting being held. About that time two veterans who had never in any way been connected with the G.A.R. became interested and determined that an effort should be made to revive and perhaps save the life of the weak and dying Post. They promised to join, and to help within and outside of the Post. A special meeting was called for March 26, 1873, being very near the sixth anniversary of the Post. Commander Parker not being present, officers pro tem were appointed and a move made to awaken interest which had so long laid dormant. Applications for membership began to come in and the prospects began to brighten. Hopes again were in the hearts of those who had so long been watching beside the sick and (as many believed dying) Post.

April 2, 1873, Commander Parker resigned his position and Wm. Platto was chosen in his stead. During the balance of that year and the one following, a goodly number of recruits was added; but in the anxiety of members to increase their numbers, many were admitted who took no interest in the order, and were soon dropped from the roll for non-payment of dues. But, upon the whole, the administration of Commander Platto was a successful one, as the membership had increased and but very few meetings had been missed for the want of a quorum. However, the debts which hung over the Post like a pall, had not been diminished, as the receipts were barely sufficient to pay the necessary running expenses.

During Platto’s administration of one year and nine months 57 additions were made to the membership of the Post. In January, 1875, B.T. Murfitt was made Commander, and his term was similar to the preceding one – nothing of note happening during the year. The business of the Post was transacted in peace and harmony. Six only were mustered this year, and no silver lining showed to the dark cloud of debt which still threatened the Post.

For 1876, H.F. Bissell was chosen Commander. During his term headquarters were moved to the Battery rooms, which were to be had free of rent; and from that time the debts of the Post began to wear away – slowly, ‘tis true, but yet some of the old indebtedness was being paid, and again the comrades took new heart. Only two new members were added this year.

In 1877, U.L. Ferguson was the Commander, and, with one or two exceptions, the meetings were held regularly. Nine additions were made to its numbers; but most of those that joined were members of Sterling Post, which had in the meantime surrendered its charter.

In January, 1878, John J. Marshall took command, and although 25 new members were taken in, the history of 1877 might easily be made to answer for 1878. The Post seemed to have gotten in a rut, from which it was next to impossible to extricate it, and the year passed without anything extraordinary to mark its course. The attendance at the time was from 10 to 18 – nearly the same faces, and seated in nearly the same place each night.

In 1879, Wm. E. Gurney was chosen Commander. In looking over the records, it appears that during this year, the last of the old debt was paid, and Hamilton Post, for the first time in several years, stood up squarely before the public, and no man could say that it owed him a single dollar. In this year most of the money was raised to pay for the Burial Plat. Nineteen new members were added, and things began to look bright and cheerful once more.

In 1880, Wm. L. DeLacey was Commander. This year was also a successful one; 26 new members were added, and everything moved smoothly. This year the Burial Plat was purchased, and a Board of Trustees established; and for the first time within our city, there was a place provided where any old soldier, who died poor, could be buried without being placed in a pauper’s grave.

In 1881, A.H. Wilkinson was the Commander. During this year, the greatest quarrel the Post had ever experienced was started. Nineteen new members joined, but no growth, either in attendance, or in finance, was manifest, although the meetings were held regularly, and all bills paid on presentation.

In January, 1882, J.J. Marshall was again Commander, and the quarrel started the year just passed, was kept up through the whole year. Each meeting seemed to develop more bitterness than the preceding one; comrade seemed to be arrayed against comrade; apparently the only object aimed at was the feelings of the comrades of the opposite party, for there were two distinct parties in the society at that time, and neither had a thought for the growth or welfare of the order, but the whole strength under their control was spent in trying to crush out “the other side” as it was then called. This year the attendance decreased; only eight new members were received. The Battery having been disbanded, it became necessary to find new quarters, and in the Spring the Post was moved to 311 Main Street.

In January, 1883, Wm. L. DeLacey was again chosen to Command. The retiring Commander was a candidate for reelection, but was defeated by a little over two-third vote. Then a portion of the History of the United States was repeated (in a miniature form) in Hamilton Post, namely: The defeated candidate for highest office in the gift of the Post, seceded and took with him most of his followers. A few of those who stood by him during the year, did not believe in secession, and refused to follow him. Immediately a move was made by the secessionists, to start another Post, and 21 members of Hamilton Post were drawn away (nearly one-third of the strength of the Post) and joined the new Post, known as “David B. Sleight Post. No. 331.” From the time of their withdrawal the real prosperity of old Post 20 may be dated. At that time, applications for membership began to pour in; hardly a meeting was held but what one or more were mustered, many that had become disgusted with the quarrel which had been carried on for the past 18 months, and had allowed themselves to be dropped from the roll, came knocking at the door to be reinstated. In 1883, the unprecedented number of 71 new members were added to the roll, besides quite a large number of reinstatements. The same year, the comrades living on the opposite side of the river (feeling it too much of a task to cross the river to attend meetings) applied for and received a charter, and Post 20 went over and mustered LeFever Post. Again Hamilton Post furnished 11 of its members to start the new Post. Notwithstanding Hamilton Post had transferred 32 members (about one-half of the strength of the Post at the commencement of the year), when the report for January 1, 1884 was made, it showed the largest membership it had ever had. Again the Post had to look for new quarters, and moved about the 1st of May into Wright’s Building, No. 361 Main Street. During the year after the seceders left, not a lisp of wrangling was heard in the room, and truly the contrast with the preceding term was great indeed.

In 1884, J.W. McCornac was Commander. This year was also a prosperous one; good fellowship continued, and 24 more new comrades were added. This year the Post moved twice. May 1, it went into the Savings Bank building, but during the hot weather, the climbing of the long stairs became burdensome, and after making honorable arrangements with the owners, the Post gave up the room, and August 1 moved back into their old quarters, 361 Main Street.

In 1885, Comrade DeLacey again took command, which position he held for three years, showing conclusively that he gave good satisfaction, and certainly it proved good judgment to keep going along as they were going. Fifty-five more were added to the roll, and although many of the comrades, all of whom were getting old, made heavy demands upon the treasury, for relief, hundreds of dollars being spent for that purpose, there never seemed to be any lack of funds to meet all demands. Each and every enterprise started by the Post, for the purpose of increasing the Relief  Fund, has been met with a noble response, by the friends of the Post, and consequently have been successful.

In 1887, the Post moved to its present quarters.

At the beginning of the present year, H.F. Roberts was installed Commander, and as the time he has filled the office has been so short, it is impossible to tell what the result of his administration will be, but, as he has the full support of the members, and has the welfare of the Post truly at heart, it does not require much stretch of the imagination to predict that 1888 will be added to the list of prosperous years, and one in which it is to be hoped, Fraternity will be the most prominent feature displayed.

In the 21 years of the existence of the Post there has been 22 comrades called to the Grand Army above – 22 times the family has been broken into – 22 times the charter has been covered with the somber hues of mourning – and 22 times the Post has been called to bear, with slow and solemn step, one of their number to his final resting place.

In reviewing the work of the Post, many interesting things appear, a few of which perhaps it would be well to mention. The Post has assisted in the growth of the G.A.R., outside of its own limits. Its members have aided in mustering several new Posts, and furnished charter members for others, - first, Cushing Post of Wappingers Falls, for which this Post furnished a portion of the charter members, and instituted the Post, which, after a short career, surrendered its charter, and Ketcham Post, No.88, was mustered by comrades of Post 20, in place of the disbanded organization. Then a number of comrades withdrew from Hamilton Post and started F.N. Sterling Post, which, after a short life, surrendered its charter. The fourth Post mustered by members of Post 20 was Armstrong Post No. 104, of Rhinebeck, which is now in a healthy condition. Next came David B. Sleight Post No. 331, of this city, whose charter members were mostly drawn from Hamilton, who also furnished the mustering officer to muster in the new Post. The winter following, LeFever Post of Highland was mustered by Hamilton Post, which also furnished nearly all the charter members. The next and seventh Post which derived its life from Post 20 is situated thousands of miles from here, in Grafton, Walsh Co., Dakota – being located the furthest north of any Post in the country, within forty miles of the Manitoba line, on the great Red River of the north. This Post was recruited by Commander DeLacey while on a business trip in that section, and was named by him Louis McLane Hamilton Post, in honor of what its members call their mother Post. The eighth and last Post which has been instituted by the members of Post 20 is Gridley Post, situated in Millerton, in this county, which although only about six months old, shows that it is a very healthy and promising child of the G.A.R.

Previous to Jan. 1st, 1878, the records do not show what had been spent for relief, as that account had not been kept separate; but since then there has been a steady increase in the annual amount spent for relieving comrades or their families. In the ten years last past, there has been over $1,100 applied to the benefit of the poor and destitute wards of the G.A.R. – about $800 of that sum having been used in the last five years. Besides the benefit derived from the amount of money given, who shall say what the untold gratification has been to the poor and needy, which has been derived from the fraternal visits made by comrades, to those who were less fortunate. Many a heavy heart has been made lighter, and many are the despondent and melancholy thoughts that have been driven from the minds of many a poor worthy comrade by those timely visits. And yet the kindness and care of the G.A.R. does not stop when the comrade has been summoned to serve on his last detail, and answer to his last roll call. As before stated, Hamilton Post has a plat in the cemetery, in which any worthy comrade that has been unfortunate in procuring a supply of this world’s goods, may be sure of finding a last resting place for his tired and worn out body. Already, there are 15 of our comrades in arms, peacefully sleeping in that little plat, nearly if not quite all of whom would have filled pauper’s graves had there been no such provision made by the Post. Nor does the work of Post 20 stop here, but through her efforts 128 soldiers’ graves may be found and strewn with the earliest, fairest and brightest offerings of Spring, which, but for the headstones that mark them, would, like many a mound on Southern soil, be marked with that touching and sorrowful word, “unknown.” One hundred and twenty-eight of these stones have been furnished through the efforts of the Post, and nine more are now awaiting the return of spring, that they may be properly set.

We find on the Post muster roll 346 names of men who have served for a longer or shorter time in the army for the suppression of the Rebellion, and have been received into the Post. Of that number, as before stated, 22 have been transferred to the G.A.R. above and 65 have been transferred to other Posts here below. Seven have received honorable discharges, and during the whole 21 years of the Post’s existence, out of the 346 members admitted, only one has been dishonorably discharged – which shows conclusively that this Post of the G.A.R., at least, is not composed exclusively of “coffee coolers” and “bounty jumpers.” Seventy-eight more of the number, partly from neglect or carelessness, but mostly from lack of interest, have failed to pay the small sum charged for dues, and have allowed themselves to be dropped from the rolls.

Out of the 346 that have joined, exactly one-half, or 173, are now members of the old Post, and a large proportion of them are earnest and enthusiastic workers in the order. The action of the Post may be slandered by enemies, such as all good causes have, but, like the best fruit, upon which corrupt and diseased spots may appear on the surface, they are only skin deep and the fruit sound at the core, and its seed will spring up and bear fruit after the original has passed away. So it is with Hamilton Post. Although different opinions may arise in the minds of different members, and cutting words may be spoken which will cause sore spots to show, rest assured there is no ill feeling that is more than skin deep, and the principals of the G.A.R. are sound at the core, and the seeds of Hamilton Post will be implanted in the hearts of their children and, after the last member of the Post shall have passed away, a sprout of the old tree will flourish and grow in the rooms of the Sons of Veterans.

If any one shall attempt to continue this history, 21 years later, it will be found that, instead of a steady increase of numbers on the roll, there will appear a large decrease, and in the year 1909 the roll of the dead will greatly outnumber the roll of the living. Would it not be well for each and every comrade to remember this and govern themselves, while they are permitted to meet in the beloved Post room, in such a manner that, when they have been called away, their surviving comrades may have naught but the kindest thoughts for them? And may it be said of him that his principles of Fraternity to the order were without limit; that his Charity for those who were less fortunate than he, had no bounds; and his Loyalty to his comrades was equaled only by his Loyalty to the old flag, for which he was willing to lay down his life, if need be, when traitors sought to trail that emblem of Liberty in the dust.



Grandson of Alexander Hamilton. Volunteer private in the 22d New York State Militia, 1862. Second Lieutenant 3d U.S. Infantry, Sept. 1862; commanding company at battles of Fredricksburg and Chancellorsville; on staff of Gen. Ayres’ Regular Division. First Lieutenant 3d U.S. Infantry, May 1864. Captain 7th U.S. Cavalry, July 1866; on duty on plains against Indians. Brevet First Lieutenant U.S. Army for gallant services at Chancellorsville. Brevet Captain for gallantry at Gettysburg, Pa. Killed by Indians in Battle of the Wachita, November 27, 1868. Brevet Major U.S. Army for gallant and meritorious services against Indians, particularly in the battle with the Cheyennes on the Wachita River, November 27, 1868, where he fell while gallantly leading his command. His remains rest in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery.


Roster of Hamilton Post 20, G.A.R.

 NAME                                   COMPANY/REGIMENT          COMMENTS  

ABBOTT, George H.                    B, 11 NY Cav

ACKART, Nathan                        A, 26 NYI & 2 NYHA             Died Jan. 17, 1895

ACKERMAN, Westervelt            H, 24 NY Cav

ADAMS, John Q.                         E, 30 NYV                               Died 1879

ALBERTSON, Daniel B.              A, 156 NYV

ALBERTSON, Andrew S.            H, 128 NYV

ALBERTSON, David                   K, 16 NYHA

ALBERTSON, James A.              G, 71 NYV

ALVERSON, James C.                I, 5 NYV

ANDERSON, Jay H.                   I, 1 NYMR & M, 4 Prov Cav

ANDERSON, Edward D.            I, 71 NYV

ANDRUS, Charles H.                  Asst. Surgeon 128 NY & Surgeon 176 NY

ATKINS, Samuel R.                    18 PA Cav

AWENG, Augustus                      I, 128 NYV                               Died Nov. 17, 1885


BAKER, Edwin                           B, 16 NYHA                              Died Dec. 4, 1883

BALL, Berne B.                          C, 2 USI

BANTLIN, August                      D, 128 NYV

BARRETT, Daniel                       H, 150 NYV

BARTLETT, John H.                   E, 30 NYV                                 Died May 5, 1893

BARTLETT, Wm. H.                  Adjutant, 150 NYV

BAUMBUSH, Albert                  H, 58 NYV

BEARD, Oliver T.                       71 NYSM & Lt.Col. 48 NYV

BEATTY, John                            F, 6 Kansas Cav

BEDFORD, James N.                 C, 156 NYV

BEERI, Christopher                     Sergt. I, 128 NYV

BELL, John                                 H, 3 Md Cav

BENEDICT, Charles B.              B, 2 Conn HA

BENEDICT, John W.                 H, 20 NYSM

BENEWAY, Almon B.               C, 75 Indiana V

BENJAMIN, James W.              Actng Eng USN

BENJAMIN, W. J.                     B, 102 NYV

BEUTELL, Huss M.                   A, 10 NYV

BEUTELL, Martin L.                  …………….

BEVIER, Lewis                          G, 120 NYV

BISHOP, Bartlett H.                   B, 128 NYV

BISSELL, George B.                  A, 23 Conn

BISSELL, Henry F.                    C, 15 Conn

BLINN, Peter                            A, 150 NYV

BLUME, Fred                            B, 20 NYV

BOCK, Francis X.                     USMB, West Point

BOLLINGER, John G.              G, 159 NYV

BOOS, Fredrick                        9 Conn Band

BOSHART, Jacob                    H, 80 NYV

BOSHART, William F.             D, 5 NYV

BOUGHTON, Wm. S.             D, 21 NYSM

BOVIN, Franklin                      C, 9 Bat NYV

BOWMAN, Pulaski                 G, 48 NYV, & F, 150 NYV

BOYD, James                          C, 91 NYV

BREMEIRE, Fred                    C, 7 NYV                                        Died Sept. 7, 1887

BRINK, Asa W.                       I, 20 NYSM

BROOKS, Charles S.               B, 4 Vt & H, 11 USCT

BROWN, Charles                     F, 21st NJV

BROWN, Derrick                     C, 128 NYV & 77 USCT

BROWN, Nathaniel B.              7 NY Ind Bat

BURGHER, William C. W.        H, 20 NYSM                                  Died Nov. 1894

BURHANS, Gilbert                   H, 150 NYV                                   Died Oct. 17, 1894

BURNETT, Charles                   B, 156 NYV

BURNETT, George N.              H, 14 NYV

BUTTS, Robt. K.                      G, 159 NYV

BUYS, James            A.             B, 150 NYV


CADY, George S.                     C, 150 NYV

CAMPBELL, Cornelius N.        Surgeon 150 NYV

CAMPBELL, Elias B.               G, 1 NJV

CANE, John                              F, 150 NYV                                   Died

CARLOW, Isaac P.                  E, 35 NYV

CARTER, Norris M.                 E, 20 NYC & Surg 100 NYV

CHASE, Amos T.                     I, 128 NYV

CHICHESTER, Parlemon         D, 128 NYV

CHURCHILL, George W.        H, 150 NYV

CLAYTON, John B.                 H, 28 NYV

CLEMENTS, Albert                 G, 150 NYV

COLEMAN, Henry                  Musician 96 NYV

COMMINGS, James               E, 30 NYV

CONNELLY, James                M, 1 NY Eng C

COOK, Jacob                          A, 20 NYSM                                  Died April 5, 1893

COOK, Wm. B.                       I, 14 NJV

COOKINGHAM, Philip H.     A, 20 NYSM

COOPER, Edward G.             C, 51 NYV

COOPER, John R.                  Surgeon 5 NYC                                Died Apr.6, 1887

COPE, Fredrick                      F, 22 Conn, D, 33 NYV

CORCORAN, Michael J.        K, 32 NYV & K, 150 NYV             Died Sept. 16, 1893

COREY, Jonathan                   K, 124 NYV

CORNELIUS, Norman S.       D, 47 NYV

COUTANT, Gilbert                 H, 64 NYV

COUTURIER, Chas                D, 20 NYV & D, 174 NYV              Died Jan. 21, 1892

COX, Isander F.                      H, 128 NYV

COX, Samuel                          H, 128 NYV                                     Died Dec.13, 1895

CRAMER, Francis E.              D, 128 NYV

CRAPSER, Ezra                     D, 150 NYV

CRAPSER, Martin                  D, 150 NYV

CROSS, Benjamin H.             C, 20 NYV

CURTISS, Alexander             K, 56 NYV, & A, 10 NYV


DAILEY, John H.W.              G, 17 NYV                                        Died Dec. 24, 1887

DALEY, Moses                      E, 156 NYV

DARROW, Samuel K.            Adjt 21st NYSM

DAUBERT, August                 D, 5 US Cav

DAVIDSON, Charles N.        G, 12 NYC & H, 128 NYV

DAVIS, Theodore W.             Ensign USS Hartford

DECKER, Charles                  B, 5 NYV

DEGOES, Peter                      F, 58 NYV & H, 16 NYHA

DELACEY, William L.            C, 4 NJV

DELAMAR, Joseph                A, 55 NYV
DELANEY, John W.              Capt., H, 8 Illinois Cav

DEPEW, James E.                  H, 128 NYV

DISBROW, John F.                F, 21 NJV

DIXON, Jacob B.                   E, 30 NYV

DOBLER, John                       G, 128 NYV

DOLFINGER, Martin             D, 128 NYV

DRAPER, Charles W.             C, 128 NYV                                     Died Jan. 16, 1889

DUBOIS, Jesse                       K, 16 NYHA                                    Died June 7, 1895

DUBOIS, William H. H.          5 US Cav

DUNCAN, Philip A.                F, 1 NYMR                                      Died Nov. 29, 1894

DURR, Bernhardt                    USMB West Point


EBEL, Christian                       B, 40 NJV

EGAN, Edward M.                 A, 20 NYSM

EGGENSPERGER, Francis     E, 30 NYV                                        Died Aug. 9, 1889

EGGLESTON, Sanford           D, 150 NYV

ELLIS, David J.                       A, 156 NYV

ENOCH, Richard                    H, 53 MYV & 90 USCT

ENZLIN, Theodore                 E, 176 NYV


FAIRBANKS, James              K, 57 NYV                                        Died Nov. 1, 1885

FERGUSON, Theodore H.     F, 5 NYHA                                        Died Feb. 14, 1885

FERGUSON, Uriah L.            K, 57 NYV

FERGUSON, William             B, 6 NYHA                                        Died April 2, 1892

FERRIS, Wm. G.                    L, 6 NY Cav

FILKINS, Enos                      USS Sea Foam

FISH, Ira                                A, 150 NYV                                       Died Feb. 1878

FITCHETT, Jacob                  G, 150 NYV

FITZPATRICK, Michael        A, 150 NYV

FLEMING, James                  H, 128 NYV

FLORENCE, Charles G.        C, 150 NYV

FLORENCE, Edward L.         I, 150 NYV

FONDA, Erastus M.               94 NYV

FOWLER, Henry R                E, 19 NYV & E, 3 NY Art.

FRALEIGH, James A.            C, 128 NYV

FREAR, Joseph E.                  K, 57 NYV, & E, 192 NYV

FREER, Abram E.                  H, 150 NYV

FROMMER, Geo. W.            E, 169 NYV


GAHAGAN, William              F, 150 NYV

GALLENBECK, John            A, 150 NYV

GARDINER, H.C.                 E, 148 NYV

GARDNER, Henry                Coxswain USN                                   Died April 16, 1893

GARDNER, Lesser               M, 5 NY Cav

GARRIGAN, Thomas            F, 38 NYV

GEDNEY, Geo. M.               A, 56 NYV

GERMOND, Wm                  K, 55 NYV & K, 40 NYV

GIFFORD, William H.           G, 1 Cal. Cav

GILDERSLEEVE, Curtis       A, 20 NYSM                                      Died Dec. 11, 1886

GIRAUD, Henry                    Ensign USS Genessee

GLANCY, Joseph                 G, 73 NYV

GORDEN, James                  K, 57 NYV

GOUTCHES, Albert E.         G, 120 NYV                                       Died Dec. 21, 1880

GURNEY, William E.            C, 150 NYV

GURNEY, James V.              9 NY Ind. Bat

GRAFF, Adam                      I, 7 NYV

GREEN, Frank L.                  I, 160 NYV

GRIFFIS, Isaac I.                  20 NYSM

GRISWOLD, Theodore D.    D, 24 Mass. V

GRITTMAN, John                 34 NY Ind. Bat



HAIGHT, Andreas V.            B, 4 NY Cav

HAIGHT, A.V.V.                  USS Grand Gulf

HAIGHT, William H.              F, 127 NYV                                       Died April 18, 1893

HANNABURG, David H.      C, 128 NYV

HART, George W.                 H, 20 NYSM

HARTMAN, William              H, 20 NYSM


HEACOCK, Edward             QM Sergt 1 Mo Vol

HEATH, Charles N.                I, 128 NYV

HEIDEL, Joseph                     E, 30 NYV

HELD, Geo. Herman              F, 31 NYV

HENDERSON, John W.        F, 18 NY Cav

HEUSNER, Philip                  C, 1 NY Sharpshooters

HEY, John W.                        2 NY Cav

HILL, James H.                      H, 128 NYV                                     Died Jan. 1878

HITCHCOCK, David W.       I, 117 NYV

HOAG, Per Lee                     C, 130 NYV

HOFFMAN, Henry                I, 150 NYV

HOLMES, Joseph W.            C, 150 NYV

HOLTHEIZER, Andrew         E, 30 NYV

HOPPER, George                  A, 21 USCT, & 9 NYV

HORNBECK, William T.       D, 21 NYM                                       Died Oct. 24, 1887

HORSFALL, Charles E.        G, 150 NYV

HORTON, John B.                B, 2 Batt 17 USI

HOUGHTALIN, C.E.           D, 47 NYV

HOWARD, John F.               USN

HOYE, Jesse A.                    I, 2 NY Cav

HOYSRADT, John               A, 20 NYSM

HUGHES, Homer S.             E, 80 NYV                                         Died Sept. 22, 1895

HUMMELL, Stephen            I, 20 NYSM

HUNT, Charles A.                E, 30 NYV

HUSTIS, Harvey J.               D, 128 NYV

HYDE, Edwin N.                  B, 52 NYV                                         Died Aug. 6, 1892


JOHNSON, Benj.                 E, 44 NYV

JOHNSON, Charles T.         B, 150 NYV

JOHNSON, Wells F.            C, 46 Mass V

JOHNSTON, Jacob J.          G, 12 NY Cav.

JONES, Charles H.               K, 150 NYV & C, 15 USR

JONES, Daniel A.                 K, 16 NYHA

JONES, Lyman H.                A, 150 NYV

JONES, William H.               B, 150 NYV

JOSEPH, Joaquin                  I, 133 NYV


KANE, John                         F, 150 NYV                                        Died Feb. 25, 1888

KEESLER, George               K, 16 NYHA

KELLER, G. Fred                 G, 21 NYSM

KENNEDY, Daniel               H, 150 NYV                                       Died Oct. 21, 1895

KETCHAM, John H.            Col 150 NY & Maj Gen USV

KLEEMAN, August              USMB West Point

KNAPP, Alfred                     US Navy

KNIFFIN, Joseph E.             E, 94 NYV


LAKE, Isaac P.                     K, 16 NYHA

LAKE, John B.                      E, 44 NYV                                          Died Aug. 24, 1890

LAKE, Wm. D                      E, 30 NYV

LANE, James B.                   H, 7 NJV

LAWRENCE, Charles S.      B, 55 NYV

LAWRENCE, George F.      C, 5 NYV & B, 20 NYSM

LAWSON, Allen                   I, 3 NY Cav

LAWSON, William P.           B, 150 NYV

LEE, Brownell W.                 F, 12 NY Cav & H, 61 NYV

LEE, William G.                    H, 61 NYV, & F, 12 NY Cav

LEONARD, Michael            H, 150 NYV

LEROY, Cornelius               G, 120 NYV

LESLIE, John R.                  Major 20 NYSM

LETSHIZER, William            I, 48 NYV

LEWIS, James E.                 F, 67 NYV

LEWIS, Theodore                K, 16 NYHA

LINDLEY, Alfred F.            A, 21 NYSM

LINDSLEY, Lewis C.          C, 152 NYV

LONGFIELD, John N.         K, 16 NYHA

LOSEE, Chas.                      G, 150 NYV

LOSEE, Henry E.                 Lt.Col. 67 NYV & 92 USCT

LUMB, Levi                         B, 150 NYV

LYNASEN, James M.         G, 150 NYV                                          Died

LYNASEN, Moses              G, 150 NYV                                         Died Oct. 24, 1889


MACCOMBER, J.W.          Major, 9 Ohio Cav

MACKEY, Charles L.          H, 128 NYV

MACKEY, John M.              D, 150 NYV

MACKEY, Noah W.            H, 128 NYV

MAGER, Eli                          A, 20 NYSM                                        Died Feb. 6, 1887

MALCHER, David                H, 150 NYV

MANNING, Isaac G.           C, 20th NYSM

MARKS, Fred                      Artillery Detail, West Point                     Died

MARRA, Thomas                 B, 98 NYV

MARSHALL, John J.            D, 128 NYV

MARSHALL, Joseph H.       QM 21 NYSM

MARTIN, Chas. F.               USS Passaic

MATTERN, Madison            B, 20 NYSM

MAYER, Alfred                    H, 28 NYV

MCCORD, Smith                 H, 6 NYV

MCCORNAC, John W.       G, 70 NYV & K, 86 NYV

MCDERMOTT, John           D, 5 NY Cav

MCDONALD, Pat’k.           I, 5 Conn Vol

MCGEE, Thomas                  F, 5 Conn

MCGEORGE, Adam            H, 128 NYV                                          Died May 25, 1880

MCGILL, John                      F, 150 NYV                                          Died Nov. 15, 1891

MCNEIL, William H.            B, 150 NYV                                           Died July 20, 1886

MEAD, Alvin B.                    E, 20 NYSM & D, 1 NYMR

MILLER, Daniel                    I, 150 NYV                                           Died Dec. 11, 1885

MILLER, John N.                 Surg 120 & 81 NYV                              Died Dec. 3, 1889

MILLER, William H.             A, 150 NYV

MILLS, Wm.                         I, 5 NY Cav

MILLUS, Peter                     F, 150 NYV

MINER, John                        H, 28 NYV

MITCHELL, Samuel             B, 150 NYV

MOENIKHEIM, John          C, 58 NYV

MOODY, William H.            D, 27 Mass V           

MOONEY, Robert G.          D, 150 NYV

MOORE, Harrison                B, 16 NYHA

MOORE, William                 A, 2 & 5 US Cav

MORAN, James                   D, 6 California Vol

MORGAN, Samuel G.         C, 128 NYV

MORRIS, Charles B.           H, 19 Ill. V

MORRISON, James            G, 7 NYHA

MORROW, James               K, 57 NYV

MORSE, George                 D, 20 NYSM

MOSHER, John W.             B, 16 NYHA                                        Died Nov. 25, 1882

MOWRIS, Daniel                E, 150 NYV                                         Died July 27, 1892

MUCKLE, Geo.                  G, 9 USI

MULLER, Frank                 C, 21 NYSM
MUNSELL, Jno.                 F, 58 NYV & H, 150 NYV                  Died Nov. 19, 1893

MURFITT, Benjamin T.      G, 150 NYV

MURRAY, Horatio E.         D, 49 Mass V.

MURTAGH, James             B, 150 NYV                                         Died Jan. 22, 1888

MYER, Berthold                 57 NYV

MYER, Fred W.                 B, 150 NYV


NEWELL, Michael             F, 2 NY Cav

NOYES, Allen K.              US Navy

NUNNS, Henry L.             K, 8 NYSM


ODERWALD, Conrad       B, 43 Illinois Vol

OSBORN, John L.             D, 128 NYV

OSBORN, Levi J.              B, 150 NYV

OSTROM, Andrew J.        B, 150 NYV


PALTRIDGE, Edmund      E, 156 NYV

PARCELLS, Chas.           E, 9 Vermont Vols

PARKER, George             D, 128 NYV & Lt Col 90 USCT

PARR, Edward H.            Sergt Maj 97 NYV

PEABODY, Wm. L.         2 NY Cav

PEARCE, Jerry S.            B, 128 NYV & I, 33 NYV

PEHL, Jacob                    E, 45 NYV                                             Died Oct. 7, 1893

PELL, Frank                     A, 150 NYV


PERKINS, David L.         12 NY Ind Bat

PHELPS, Edwin                E, 8 Vt. V

PLACE, Luman                 C, 150 NYV

PLATTO, William              D, 128 NYV & 90 USCT

PORTER, George W.        F, 29 Pa Vol

POTTER, Simon                C, 13 Conn

POTTS, Nathan B.            C, 124 NYV & US Eng C

POWERS, James               H, 91 NYV

PROPSON, John               I, 128 NYV


RANSOM, Benjamin         H, 145 NYV

RANSOM, Judson             B, 98 NYV

REICHARDT, Paul            E, 52 NYV                                           Died Apr. 23, 1883

REID, William E.                E, 129 Ill V

RELYEA, James H.            E, 156 NYV

REYNOLDS, Wm. J.         USS Lancaster

RHODES, Aaron                A, 20 NYSM

RHYNUS, George              A, 150 NYV

ROBERTS, Hubbard F.      H, 150 NYV

ROBERTS, Wm. H.            I, 150 NYV

ROBINSON, Jacob           B, 11 USCT

ROGERS, Charles              E, 30 NYV

ROGERS, Thomas              I, 150 NYV

ROWLAND, Nelson A.     E, 30 NYV & K, 16 NYHA

RUNDELL, Wm. J.            D, 27 NYV

RUSSELL, Isaac                D, 44 NYV                                        Died

RYDER, Thomas W.          A, 80 NYV, & K, 16 NYHA


SANDERS, Robert            D, 128 NYV

SCHEPMOES, Joseph S.  B, 20 NYSM

SCHLUDE. George           G, 21 NYSM

SCHMEIDER, Lorenz        F, 58 NYV

SCHNEIDER, John           D, 58 NYV                                         Died Dec. 21, 1895

SEELEY, Rufus A.            C, 150 NYV

SEIFTS, Joseph                E, 15 NY Eng

SEXTON, William            F, 69 Pa V

SEYMOR, Joseph H.       F, 128 NYV

SHAFER, Philip                K, 45 NYV

SHAW, William                C, 150 NYV

SHERMAN, William        A, 16 NYHA

SHULTZ, H.S.                 I, 67 Indiana Vol

SHURTER, James W.      D, 5 NYV

SHUSTER, Adam            D, 20 NYV

SHUSTER, Jacob             I, 18 NY Cav                                        Died Aug. 12, 1890

SILVERNAIL, Warren S. D, 128 NYV

SIMMONS, Lewis           C, 128 NYV

SIMON, William               9 Conn Band

SLATER, Frank F.            D, 7 USI

SLEIGHT, John                 E, 30 NYV, & G, 18 NY Cav

SLOAT, Sylvanus              E, 134 NYV

SMETHURST, John          B, 139 NYV

SMITH, Alfred B.             Col 150 NYV                                       Died Jan. 28, 1896

SMITH, Henry C.             QM 150 NYV                                      Died Jan. 8, 1892

SMITH, William A.           Navy (USS Grand Gulf)                        Died May 14, 1893

SMITHURST, J.               B, 139 NYV

SPENCE, John                  D, 128 NYV

SPENCER, Andrew J.      C, 150 NYV

SPERBECK, Benjamin F. H, 72 NYV & 8 NYSM

STANTON, John              B, 16 NYHA

STILL, R.H.                      G, 150 NYV

STOLL, Henry                  D, 140 NYV                                         Died Jan. 2, 1883

STONE, Charles W.         10 Mass Vol

SUTTON, Henry S.           I, 1 NJ Cav

SUWARROW, Trowbridge US Cav Detachment

SWERTFAGER, John H.   D, 44 NYV & 26 USCT

SWITZER, Joseph             A, 20 NYSM


TANNER, Reuben             D, 21 NYSM

TAYLOR, John                  USS Pawtucket                                  Died March 7, 1894

TEAL, Jacob F.                  B, 20th NYSM

THOMPSON, Edward       B, 17 USI

THORP, Peter F.                K, 16 NYHA

TIERNEY, Patrick              C, 150 NYV

TINKER, Ezra                    B, 179 NYV

TITUS, Joseph H.               US Navy

TODD, David P.                 B, 150 NYV

TOWNSEND, John E        K, 16 Artillery

TRACEY, William              B, 1 Mass HA

TRAVER, Alvin M.            H, 5 NYV & E, 16 NYHA

TRAVER, William H. H      K, 128 NYV

TRILLER, Martin                H, 28 NYSM

TRIPP, Robert C.               B, 150 NYV                                      Died Nov. 11, 1875

TUILL, John                       E, 30 NYV

TUILL, Michael                  Musician 2 NY Cav

TURNER, Frank S.            F, 28 Conn V

TURNER, William F.          A, 20 NYSM

TUTHILL, Robert K.                     Surg 145 & 20 NYSM

TYNDELL, Joseph             D, 5 NYV


VAN AMBURGH, David E. F, 128 NYV

VAN DYKE, George F.     A, 150 NYV                                      Died

VAN KEUREN, John A.    H, 128 NYV                                      Died April 25, 1892

VAN KEUREN, Wm. S.    E, 44 NY, & C, 150 NY

VAN KLEECK, Theodore C, 20 NYSM

VAN NOSDALL, William  H. 5 US Cav

VAN WAGONER, A.       16 NY Ind Batt

VAN ZILE, Marshall           I, 71 NYV & K, 168 NY

VELIE, Walter T.               C, 150 NYV


WADE, Jacob S.                E, 143 NYV

WALDRON, Adam           F, 128 NYV                                        Died

WALKER, Wm. P.            B, 16 NYHA

WALLING, Ed                  7 NY Ind Bat

WANDS, Alfred                M, 5 NYHA

WATERS, Felix                 G, 110 NYV

WEAVER, Charles E.        E, 30 NYV

WEAVER, Henry J.           B, 150 NYV

WEAVER, Wm. H.           D, 51 NYV                                          Died Apr. 11, 1888

WEAVER, Wm. H. 2d      D, 128 NYV

WEDDLE, Wm. R.           A, 57 NYV

WEED, Henry W.             I, 56 NYV

WEEKS, Theodore           I, 150 NYV

WELKER, Charles           G, 150 NYV

WELTON, Edson A.        K, 49 Mass V

WEST, John                     G, 150 NYV

WESTCOTT, James A.    B, 80 NYV

WHALEN, Patrick H.       E, 30 NYV                                          Died Oct. 16, 1894

WHALEN, Richard           I, 159 NYV

WHEELER, Obed            E, 150 NYV

WHITE, Wm. T.               E, 30 NYV & K, 16 NYHA

WHITMAN, Edward O.   F, 87 NYV

WICKER, John M.           D, 6 NYHA

WICKER, John P.            H, 150 NYV               

WICKER, Martin D.         D, 150 NYV                                        Died Nov. 1, 1893

WIGG, Nathan D.             E, 44 & 126 NYV

WILBER, Charles S.         H, 128 NYV

WILEY, Hazard P.            B, 7 NJV

WILKINSON, Arthur H.   I, 74 NY & 50 MO                             Died

WILKINSON, Chas. S.    A, 80 NYV

WILKINSON, Robert F.  Major 128 NYV

WILKINSON, Robert  P. M, 2 Col Cav

WILLIAMS, Alfred           C, 150 NYV

WILLIAMS, Aug. T.         Surg USS Kennebec

WILLIAMS, Elind W.        F, 17 Vt. V

WILLIAMS, George H.     G, 150 NYV

WILLIAMS, Henry P.       C, 150 NYV

WILLIAMS, Jas.               B, 150 NYV

WILLIAMS, Joseph D.     E, 30 NY & B, 16 NYHA

WILLIAMS, Lindsay        C, 91 NYV

WILLIAMS, M. Del.        H, 24 Penn Vol

WING, Milton                   B, 3d Md Vol


WOOD, L.                        D, 101 Ohio Vol

WOODIN, Wm. R.           D, 150 NYV

WOOLSEY, Isaac            E, 156 NYV

WUNDERLICH, August   D, 21 NYSM                                       Died Jun. 20, 1884

WURSCH, John                B, 39 NYV, & C, 150 NYV


YOUNG, John S.              K, 148 NYV


Two officers of Hamilton Post 20, Poughkeepsie, NY.

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